Pinned Staff on the Run

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  • Well, what to say...
    *takes a deep breath*
    Mikaro decided to enjoy her real life to the fullest. She will be studying a lot and she needs all the time she can get. That's why she left us. For now. But she will come back, as soon as she got more time on her hands!

    We wish you the best of luck and hopefully you will be able to achieve something great in life! c: Feel hugged and squished by me. We will miss you for the time being!
    You can say goodbye to her on her introduction thread: Mikaro's saying "Bye" for now!

    PS from Bittersweet: Avoid palm trees!
  • Right before christmas hits the world, we will have to say goodbye. Meh. CheesyCoconut decided to leave us.

    Please do not forget, you will always be my "Erdbeere", my strawberry on the cream cake, my lovely trial and a great GM. Return to us, if you feel like having enough time! ;_;

    Thank you for your hard work and good luck with your real life!
  • As some of you may have noticed our Game Administrator Elayas left us due to personal reasons. I'd like to thank her for all the time (quite a long time) we spend together here in NosTale.Uk and of course for all the work she's done. We'll all miss her deeply and the things she did will live on in our team.
    Hopefully you'll achieve your goals :gamer:

    Moreover Terraclaim decided to leave us due to personal reasons, he was last working as Super Game Master. Thank you for your work in NosTale.Uk and good luck with your goals in real life of course! :thumbsup:

    sexier than Morgoth
  • Our Super GameMaster Neige decided to leave us due to personal reasons. On behalf of everyone I can state that you did a lot for this team and this community during the past year you've been with us and spent lots of time, sweat and even lifeblood to support everyone. Therefore all of us have to thank you a lot for everything you invested into NosTale.Uk. You're a real character and I hope that you remain to be one as well. Wherever life may lead you to.

    sexier than Morgoth
  • After nearly five years invested into our small community our GameMaster Cridian decided to leave us.
    I do want to thank you on behalf of the team and speaking for myself for the time and effort you spend on Nostale.Uk during the past years.
    We will definitely miss you and wish you the best for the future whatever you decide on.
    Our paths didn't cross for the last time - I'm sure of it. :crazy:

    Cridian wrote:

    Hi all.
    So i was thinking about this for some time now and decided that i have to move on.
    I was a part of this time for almost 5 years and i'm thankful for this opportunity.
    First i want to thank all past GMs (Elayas, Mikaro, Sykana, Terraclaim, etc.) for all the support and help.
    Also thanks to GA Bittersweet. If Elayas wouldn't bug you, you probably wouldn't select me. *runs* :P
    Thanks also to the community for all the fun in those years. *spawns more monsters* :P
    Have fun and enjoy gaming! :beer:

    p.s. also here's a cookie for all -> :cookie:
    => GM Cridian - the new one

    sexier than Morgoth
  • In the past weeks and months some people left us -

    Senakhtenre, our Trial GameMaster choose to leave us due to personal reasons. We're thanking you for the invested time and hope that things will work out for you.

    GameMaster Gone decided to take a leave as well for now - we dare you not to come back though.

    Lockheed, our former GameAdmin is gone for now as well - but we'd be glad to welcome you back one day.
    We wish you all the best and thank you for the time you spent with us until now.
    We'll miss you a lot in fact and wanted to tell you that you've been an important addition to the community, the team and to us as good friend.
    Good luck with everything that may face your way. In fact we'll keep you in our hearts.
    Thank you.

    sexier than Morgoth