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  • Suggestion section rules

    This section is for discussing Suggestions people have for Nostale. There is absolutely NO guarantee that anything will be implemented no matter how popular. Please do not ask/demand/harass staff to put anything here into the game. Staff here have no control over what gets put into the game. Things get put into the game as the developer sees fit.

    The Rules

    - All Board Rules are in effect here unless otherwise stated in these rules. You are expected to follow them.

    - Before posting make sure you use the Search function. There is to be only 1 thread per suggestion. If someone has already suggested a similar idea, post in their thread. Any thread for an idea which has been suggested before will be closed and a link put in it for the old thread and a polite reminder of this rule issued. Repeated offenses will be punished by warning and/or Forum ban (depending on the severity).

    - As per previous rule
    - 'Necroing' (posting in threads where the last post was over 2 months ago) is also not allowed. If the thread hasn't been posted in after 2 months, the subject is dead. Let it stay dead.
    is not in effect here. That does not mean you can bump an old thread just to say "I like this" or anything similar. Make sure your post has meaning to the discussion.

    - If thread becomes chatting place, moderator can close thread and warn chatters.

    - When you are starting a new topic, make sure that you name it properly, it will be much easier to find it for other users when searching. For example do not name your thread "An Idea" or "I have an idea" etc.

    - If a thread is closed and you think it needs to be reopened please contact a mod/smod of that section to reopen.