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  • Reasons why i love Nostale.

    Delox - - General Discussions


    I love Nostale because Delox plays there.

  • It's 50% for 5Sum and 85%*20% = 17% for 6Sum... In my opinion, it's high enough to get whatever you want with just some attempts... Making an item (scroll) to protect resistances while you merge them would ruin the "pleasure/value" of getting them. No risk, No gain And late game resistances would be a basic item like Magmaros a little bit more expensive instead of a premium item.

  • Quote from Lou: “By the way, are there any plans for the balance of specialist cards? A year ago, we were asked for feedback, remember? ” Welcome to Nostale

  • WTB: CH LVL BOOKS (with prices)

    Delox - - NosBazar


    10M for the last book!!!

  • Quote from Racordany: “rankk0j2t.png We already have this option on the website. ” WTF! This is new? Amazing, you can close the topic

  • Hello, I open this topic to discuss about if Nostale should introduce HERO LVL to our current ranking. I've been the 1st 99 of US Cylloan because I love to check every day the ranking and see how fast was my improvement compared to other players growth. But with Hero lvl I can't do that and also many players lose their motivation to increase it due to the lack of a ranking where their progress could be shared. Moreover, although Hero Lvl is the most difficult level to increase, there is no ranki…

  • Quote from Aureli: “Yes the last part with 100% was indeed meant as a joke as a honeymoon as part of the "wedding story." There are only 98 points to gain, but since it wasn´t recognized as a joke and players assumed it´s a mount we removed it. We wish you loads of fun with this event and of course appreciate your feedback! P.S.: The wedding SP does not replace SP3 of the Martial Artist, this is still being worked on. ” Don't you consider that "maybe" this event has a bad balance between time-in…

  • Quote from Jekyll: “Quote from Q-Arch: “Please remove all food stuff in the reward boxes or make it useable for after event aswell, then its at least a bit usefull. ” no way. pls dont, i dont want to see 99+50 imbalanced guy running at 5% hp and then eating the white egg that heals like 20-30% in an instant. it might be the wrong thread but it seems the patch has bugged the notice system again, i keep sending stuff to "1" ” Oh! For a moment I thought I was crazy because of the recipient 1. I'm n…

  • Quote from Gandalof: “LOL that title. where does it say the 100% reward btw? can't see it in that news post. did they remove it or am i just blind? ” Hahaha they edited the post. Maybe we are not the only server discussing about this rewards, and Nostale decided to put another reward for those crazy players who would obtain 100%. But originally, it was this: >100% Marriage Material --> Enjoy a round-the-world trip for 2 on a luxury airship of your choice!

  • Quote from Q-Arch: “I dunno about the speed and looks of this new mount, but having a limited mount could be worth the quests. ” I imagine that the 100% final reward is a mount because of what I've read from Nostale's post. Btw, if finally is a mount and it's "enough good", trust me when I say that you would be able to afford a similar one (or better) - with maybe different style - by Nosmall.

  • Hello!!! Sorry for the title but I had to do it I open this topic to talk about the new event: [10/4–4/6] Challenge of the Week – Are You Marriage Material Yet? The next points are just my opinion, so if you don't agree with me it would be a pleasure to read your point of view: 1) Rewards: >87% Marriage Material --> 1x Wedding Costume Specialist Card Why Nostale waste time making this kind of Sp's instead of work on SP 3 from Martial Artist? >100% Marriage Material --> Enjoy a round-the-world tr…

  • Quote from Kinishinai: “I spent hours spamming raid and I ended with 30m less than I had before event started. so I grinded to lose gold? Why would you do that to players.. ” Pls. 1) Those people who were making this raid with 14 alters + main got 30M/hour on average. So, or you don't know how to raid, or you don't have enough alters, or you didn't spend "hours spamming raid". 2) Me and my friends did 0 raids because it was totally unfair and bad for the economy, it could be "legal" because it's…

  • WTB: CH LVL BOOKS (with prices)

    Delox - - NosBazar


    Hello! I want to buy the following books, if you have any of them and you want to sell it to me, please send a note to Delox or whisper me in-game if i'm ON. The prices are not my maximum, but are really orientative. But if you want to sell it at the moment, accept my offer: - +80 agility ch 38 book -> 10M If I buy any of these books or I change my offer, I will edit this post. [Last edit: 09:33 - 23/04/2019]

  • Quote from Pinkamena: “Quote from Hermonie-: “fix the dam multiclient so they can't use 10 alts done minimize it to 3 or something god dam. ” Im glad there are still people who consider infinite amount of alts a problem.I seriously thought that I was the only one. Also I agree with Ganda,people are getting rich easy and fast and the prices in bazar skyrocket. People who didn't caught this easter event will get a middle finger when they come back to nos when they will check bazar. We don't want t…

  • Hello!!! I don't know if you too, but I love to debate about any topic. In this case I would like to introduce the debate of: "What is the best and worst SP for you?" The conditions are simple: - You have to justify your choices or quote the justification of another player who already said the same you wanted to share. - ONLY mage, archer and swordsman MAIN SP's are being taken into account. As a fast example I will share with you my opinion: BEST SP: WK - Wk is the most complete SP in the entir…

  • Quote from Q-Arch: “Quote from Aureli: “We will monitor the situation of the event raid for now and might consider further changes in the future. ” I dont think there is anything left to monitor, as we arent doing this raid anymore. ” This answer killed me xD

  • Delox is looking for a family

    Delox - - Families


    Hello! I'm Delox, at the moment I'm 99+36 (mage) but this month I will be +50. I've been MØNSTER's Familyhead from a long time but due to my reduced free time during the week I decided to start in another family. I'm looking for some family with the following characteristics (or similar): - Main language: English - Family discord (or any voice chat) - Active players on weekends - Focused on late-game content: fernon, zenas, erenias, etc. - Friendly members - At least 4 or 5 op players +c28 (or 4…

  • Quote from krazer21: “Quote from Delox: “I prefer the current situation with worthless raid, than having a raid that would decrease Nostale community even more than it is. ” However it would still be better if the new raid has something worth spamming for isnt it? As long as it doesnt mess with the economy. Whats the point of introducing raids that are worthless just so they dont mess with the economy and then no one does it. If thats the case, maybe nostale should considered scrapping off the e…

  • I prefer the current situation with worthless raid, than having a raid that would decrease Nostale community even more than it is.

  • Quote from Naerys: “I´d create a limit of entries for raids like these. The rewards would stay at acceptable level, but you´d be able to do this raid like 10x a day ” That doesn't solve any problem. Since making alters to spam this raid is extremly easy. Limit accounts to 10 daily raids...and people will make more accounts...and more and more. Even you can invest 1-2 hours to create 15 alters with enough lvl to make the raids solo that you will make profits with only this 10 daily raids. On the …