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  • Quote from krazer21: “Well, on the bright side, we can stay offline / afk all day ” Thats what GameForge / Entwell thinks too. They dont wanna work, they just wanna be lazy.

  • Quote from Morgoth: “Next step is stop exaggerating until I have some news to share…77ddd858613eafd72ecef1edc ” We still dont have news about mad march, so we can wait forever i guess... When are you guys gonna nerf all other gold raids? I guess everyone is gonna play some other server and this server will be dead for the end of this year

  • Quote from Gandalof: “Quote from Q-Arch: “Quote from PickusRickus: “Whatever, they're being hypocrites, also you can do it with an alt, and abuse the 500k box quest thing.. O:) ” don't forget to launder your money, otherwise they ll remove it soon again ” and then get hit with a swift ban anyway ” naaa next step is removing equips

  • Quote from PickusRickus: “Whatever, they're being hypocrites, also you can do it with an alt, and abuse the 500k box quest thing.. O:) ” don't forget to launder your money, otherwise they ll remove it soon again

  • Oke, well it seems that gameforge needs after 5+(?) years to nerf gold in Lola raid. I dont know what is wrong with gameforge, but idc anymore. Probably it has no sense to post it here aswell. Please deleet my forum account

  • Quote from Gandalof: “i mean i could just ask my uncle for it but meh. i've probably seen worse anyway ” This sounds like a data breach

  • Quote from Gandalof: “that was 100% a lie and it's proven, shortly after he asked for it.. not once but twice an event happened, and that's only the documented requests in public. who knows how many he made behind the scenes. doesn't matter how many times they say it, it was not a coincidence. ” Believe me you dont wanna see the not "public documented request" Quote from Gandalof: “ever noticed how my name start with G and ends with F? ” Quote from Gandalof: “except that Q isn't single. he has a…

  • People will have less gold, so they will buy less. That isnt good.

  • I would like to ask for another double gold event. With the current event a lot of gold will dissappear from server. This will probably cause deflation, since this event looks quite hyped.…t-Better-Upgrade-Fortune/ @Aureli

  • Nice Feature Quote: “ - [Feature] An event symbol was added to show running events like double gold, drop, reputation, sealed vessel event etc. (Mouseover will show event names and values) ” Can you guys add a timer in it, so we know how many time is left for the event ?

  • Quote from XsafouaneX: “would even pay 500 nos$ for that scroll lol unless the chance will get super low then ya 25nos$ is fair ” Yea like we have golden eq scrolls and just normal equip scrolls. Quote from Kinishinai: “You're not gathering sps and combining with each other and using scroll to save both, same with equipments. equipments / sps are not comparable with res. You're not +ing res, although wouldn't be bad idea to make it that way, would need another res to + it and some mats and with …

  • Quote from Morgoth: “Considering there are protection scrolls for pretty much everything else I can agree that its weird not to have for the resistances. While sure the chances for the resistances are higher than gear or sp cards (in later levels anyway) but that does not really mean anything. I have seen people fail several times to +4 their SP card or even lose it at +5. No risk no gain should apply to everything not to whatever suit us. ” Its not in balance... One try to get it sum6 cost 675m…

  • Nice res yea, would be a shame to bet that at malcolm and lose it.

  • Quote from Delox: “It's 50% for 5Sum and 85%*20% = 17% for 6Sum... In my opinion, it's high enough to get whatever you want with just some attempts... Making an item (scroll) to protect resistances while you merge them would ruin the "pleasure/value" of getting them. No risk, No gain And late game resistances would be a basic item like Magmaros a little bit more expensive instead of a premium item. ” Late game basic item like Magmaros ? I am not talking about 1m-2m gold resistance. Let's say tha…

  • Can we get some scrolls in nosmall that protects resistance from losing when we want to combine it? I dont feel like to combine my Kertos boots with 50% fire and 50% dark res with another sealed hell boots. It's a quite expensive joke if you lose those items.

  • I am missing my favorite grasslin raid. I cant find the map in nosville.

  • Quote from Morgoth: “You shouldn't really care if a whale can gain wing of angels easier because it isn't easier. That person works for about 8 hours per day for 5 or 6 days per week and decides to spend some of that money in the game he/she likes to play. You might have the time to grind and farm in game but that person is grinding and farming in real life instead. ” Economic in NosTale is a very complex system (i love it). It isnt that easy to say that a whale is a farmer for life. A whale is …

  • Quote from Gandalof: “i disagree. this is just an old raid being brought back for fun. it doesn't have to give equal or better rewards than every other raid or money making method. the rewards are good enough to make the raid worth doing. ” Quote from Morgoth: “If this was just a very old raid that Gameforge brought back for a little while PURELY for nostalgia purposes. You can skip if you don't like it/Don't wanna bother with it. So yes your idea is fine for events such as Summer, Halloween, Wi…

  • Ok, lets try how far we can come with the feedback. We would like to see when we place feedback what is happening with that feedback. Ofcourse you guys decide what you do with that feedback. But I would like to ask to share your thoughts about the feedback, just reply on feedback. (when you ignore customers they walk away and they keep their money in their pocket) Ofcourse there can come a discussion, but that will lead to better improvements to the game and a better balance. If you guys are say…

  • That's how NosTale works

    Q-Arch - - World of spam


    Quote from Morgoth: “Quote from Q-Arch: “Well i said it after the first sealed vessel event. and after the 2nd sealed vessel event it still didnt got changed. So I can tell you already its gonna happen the next event too. Why putting everything forward? you arent solving problems then =/ ” Because I cannot properly report it right now since the patch isn't active. ” oke clear to me. sounds not as a logic system.