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  • Quote from Gandalof: “i mean you can't really tell if it's bugged or not even if someone got a r8 (unless you believe the bug itself is that r8 is unattainable rather than just the chances of getting it is what's bugged). and the thing is, as usual.. we don't have a clear formula of how this "event" interacts with the chances. does it only apply to the base chance and does not count the extra chance from the amulet? i bet that is the case but i dont think we can be really sure about it. but in t…

  • Quote from darkness-metal: “nah it not bugged. u just get more chance to success the bet rather than using tons of amulet so more chance to get R1-5 lol and 6/7/8 still need luck ” did you get an r8 during this event?

  • Hi, i just want to ask if during this event anyone got an r8 champ item while gambling, i think it may be bug because before the event, once in every 100 gambles I would usually get r8, but yesterday i did 1000+ champion gambles and i couldnt even get a single r8. my overall success is higher but there is not much above r4, and zero r8, so i want to check if its my bad luck or a bug that there is no r8 available during this event and im almost sure its a bug so if its found to be a bug would gam…

  • I don't understand how to link my other gameforge account to my master account(even after reading your guide) and it's not clear how to even multi client with this, the design looks good/modern but overall it fails to be user-friendly. It's better than the old one for sure, but not the best it could be. But also I haven't been able to use this launcher since it released, because on my PC it doesn't work, when I launch it's stuck on 'Get Ready' , I tried reinstalling about 5 times, moved files an…

  • I have some other alts I made with different gameforge account, how can I link them together for multiclient? multiclient working for steam version??

  • this still no fix pls. what point exp event?? cant play lol!!!

  • me too stuck on get ready, only on some computers, it seems only bad computers are able to run the game now

  • I updates but stuck "Get Ready" logo. Anyone else?

  • That's how NosTale works

    dylansanasy1 - - World of spam


    I am happy about this being brought up, I would be happy to see more people in FC. Within 10 hours the FC % could go up only a few % (<10) but then when it reaches around 80% people start coming and it's filled to 100% in about 30 minutes. This probably means changes need to be made, I am not sure the changes proposed here are the best, but I believe this thread is for discussion on these changes so I want to give my opinion on what needs improvement. I believe a passive FC experience should als…

  • I like this change, thank you! Quick question, will there be a way for us to know our activity point score in real time? Some kind of counter or something, or will we just have to wait until the end of the round to know if we made it? Have a good day!

  • PVP-Event (Poll)

    dylansanasy1 - - Calvin Coach's corner


    I think a PvP event would be good for the game, but to answer the poll, I wouldn't participate mostly due to my latency. (and that my gear and level is nowhere near as good as some players in this game). Since I won't be participating like I assume many people, I only hope the reward that players will get from this won't be something PVE players can't get.

  • @Kacchan Hi, Thank you so much for your reply, If you don't mind I would like to ask some follow up questions about your reply. You mentioned Inferno is a good pet too, where can I get this? Where can I get Aegir, and is he much better than Ragnar with the blood skin on? @Yumiix Thank you for your insightful reply, I would like to ask some things about your reply. Is getting Fibi only possible through the NosWheel in the NosMall? (not counting NosBazar) How do I get Boot/Gloves Combination A? Th…

  • Hi Nostale Players, I am sort of new to this game,I am trying to figure out many things here, there are answers to some of them but they seem outdated so I want to ask here again. Just pick a number you know the answer to , and answer it below if you can Pets: 1. It seems common knowledge from what I see, that Fibi is perhaps the best pet in the game, how do I get that pet? 2. Also is there any better pet stat wise for Land Of Death? or is Fibi good there too? if there is another better pet, how…