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  • Just curious if this has been forwarded to the devs. Afaik you still can't buy specific runes =(

  • The pictures were taken at the same time when I posted that reply (22h ago). The change happened 2 updates ago but was not included in the release notes:" We just wanted to inform you about a change in the Runes since *the last update*, that was not mentioned in the maintenance post (sorry about that, we just got the information)." Before those 2 updates you were able to sell the runes but not the rune package iirc. I don't know if you were able to sell used runes or what the fraud talk is about…

  • Quote from Frostwolf: “Runes will run out even if you unequip them. For the selling... I highly doubt that you can sell them after using them, but I can try it out tomorrow (given that I can remember it). ” You can't. You can't sell runes even after you take them out of their mother rune package so used or not used makes no difference. hepZu3q.png Quote from Morgoth: “I think it's because there are 3 versions of Tarot cards, The package, the sealed version and the unsealed version. While on the …

  • Quote from Lady Sky: “Hello everyone! We just wanted to inform you about a change in the Runes since the last update, that was not mentioned in the maintenance post (sorry about that, we just got the information). To help prevent fraud, after opening them the Runes are not tradable anymore. These are the affected items: - Mother Nature's Lightning Rune - Mother Nature's Tree Rune - Mother Nature's Cloud Rune - Mother Nature's Fire Rune - Mother Nature's Lightning Rune (Rare) - Mother Nature's Tr…

  • @Kovalsky

  • nopee Raco

  • No Racordany noob

  • Wrong Naerys

  • Clarity on Bug Rule

    iWizzy - - Calvin Coach's corner


    Quote from Hero: “Admin announced in game "We do not telerate abusing a bug in the event-raid, that allows you to trap a boss in a way, that makes it unable to attack. Trapping anything in raids to make it unable to attack is against rules now? So I understand that yerti is now reportable too. I don't like the response where one raid it is okay and another it isn't. I feel this is up to the designer to fix and punishing players who can't get a definitive answer on what the rules is and isn't, ma…

  • Clarity on Bug Rule

    iWizzy - - Calvin Coach's corner


    By definition bug is something not working properly. Bug abuse = exploiting something not working properly in order to gain an unfair advantage. If I were to move one imp to the side and solo the boss while my alts were on the side, is it still consider bug abuse? That is not bug abuse = You are allowed to have multiple chars and accounts and to have them logged in at the same time. If I were to max out aggro in IC and looting freely, is this considered bug abuse? Not bug abuse. It's not a bug. …

  • Hey there, Back again with bug reports and suggestions related to the new UI and event. 1. Every time you change your resolution the partners' skill bar will be reset - even though you moved it and locked the UI back. 2. If you have equipments in the 2nd skill bar and attempt to equip them by pressing the hotkey or clicking them you will end up removing equipped accs and not equipping said item. (Does not happen with 1st skill bar) 3. Timer bar in raids (I guess TSs too) now is hidden behind the…

  • that doesn't answer any of the questions I have =)

  • Screenshot_1.png So what I'd like to know is why you get the medal of erenia buff icon when you use the permanent backpack and also if the buff should apply or not (it does not apply - tested with gold drop) Also if you are actually not supposed to get the buff and the icon will be removed after a fix. Are you still able to use medal of erenia and adventurer's medal even though you have the permanent ones active already?

  • Yes, it happened to many families' LoDs. It was caused by the Lunar event bunnies that when spawned took the place of regular monsters that were supposed to spawn and it affected LoDs as well. The issue is supposed to be fixed in today's update.

  • Swordie stuff - Payment in US

    iWizzy - - NosBazar


    Selling the following: renegade 99+11 monk 84+11 warrior 86+11 death reaper 21+0+13 zerker 46+10 dark res 48% setroob haze 5sum rep glove & rep boots divine gloves & sparkle boots water res set de lv 45 maru, maru in mother's fur, fiona, lotus, freya, barni fresh demon hunter fresh volcano fresh gladiator fresh monk fresh fire cannoneer pink jeep footbal bushi DE *Accepting* trades, gold, nd *IN US*

  • Racordany - Raco whuat?

    iWizzy - - Staff


    I heard whips o.o Sign me up Frost!

  • Advent Calender day 23

    iWizzy - - Calvin Coach's corner


    Quote from invisibleman: “just to be honest i feel quite happy for that last reward...i wont state further as it's quite off topic.. btw i dont really get qn day 23?...what does it mean by "How many house doors around Port Alveus Market could you theoretically walk out of without falling into the water?" doesn't that mean bug usage?i know sometimes when i walk pass i saw people in water isnt that consider as bug?the only portal in port is only a what i interpreted this question is that h…

  • Bug,Glitch,lag or worse ?

    iWizzy - - Calvin Coach's corner


    Once you get this bug only a restart will fix it. It's fairly common and known by Entwell. It doesn't occur that often but if it occurred to you during one run it will keep occurring until you restart the app.

  • You will receive one of the items .... what items? image.png