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  • Noob questions

    Nandus - - Calvin Coach's corner


    Ok, let me also try: - Leeching is expensive if you have a good leecher, 1m or even more is possible. You can try to find someone who is willing to help you if you also help, e.g. you could use holy to provide buffs and heal, that is even possible with low level. - I only know "wp" as "well played". There might be a Nos-term that I have currently forgotten, no idea.^^ - If you want to farm items and sell them, the classics are wings of angels (drop everywhere in act 2 or act 3), full moons (can …

  • Sanguine

    Nandus - - Mimi Mentor's official news


    Welcome, enjoy your time in crazy land.

  • To love and - Cherish

    Nandus - - Staff


    Puzzles and Harry Potter, nice combo. Welcome to the crazy club, enjoy your stay.

  • Can't comment on posts

    Nandus - - Calvin Coach's corner


    Did you try a relog, a different computer, different browser, private mode, deleting cash and cookies, etc - basically everything that might cause a problem not directly related to the forum? Can you not answer on any thread, or does it only happen on some; can you answer your own threads (e.g. this one)? In the end, @kitcalie or @Luxx are the ones who can help best with forum problems, but I guess this info would help them.

  • You can already skip them, so I don't really see a reason to deactivate them completely. They have been mostly deactivated in dangerous situations (a message popping up in the middle of the fight because you finished a quest, for example).

  • Quote from Steffie: “As long as we can understand it and you don't change from "Mordor" to "Nosville", shouldn't be a problem. ” We have a Mordor-map? Tell me more...

  • I don't know of any quests that give that much exp higher up, except the main quest later on. Maybe the other valhalla quests will also give as much, I would try that.

  • The mount is up to personal preference. Most of them have a speed around 20, so you can take what looks better. There are some mounts with bonuses, e.g. speed 21, or speed 23 in certain areas, if that is of interest for you. Some mounts also have special effects when using a speed booster, e.g. teleporting a certain distance (over walls, very nice) or teleporting to a random position on the map. A few rare mounts also remove debuffs when using a speed booster, but these are really expencive beau…

  • I am not aware of daily quests in act 1-3, except the Midgard ones of course. Yes, there are quite a few non-repeatable secondary quests in act 5, you should be able to do the first ones around lv75 if I remember correctly (although I would suggest lv85-90, so that you have no problem with the monsters there; as an alternative you could go with some friends). The laboratory gives the heart of zenas, yes. It also gives Radals rings (a blue and a red one), which are needed for the main quest. As i…

  • There are three kinds of secondary quests: 1) Everything in act1-3, which you get for example from TS. These are random and depending on your level, you can do as many of them as you want. In the early levels they give good exp, but later on the reward is not that good. 2) Everything from act5 and 6 (and one or two in act4 I think^^). Some for lv60+, most for lv88 or 89+, there are multiple ones that can be repeated daily. These quests mostly give items that you can exchange for stuff. A list of…

  • looking for a family

    Nandus - - Families


    It might help if you tell people why they would want you in their family: What can you offer, how can you help them? Do you farm lots of Fxp, do you do raids (Cuby, Ginseng,...) or raid seals and will let fam members join? There are many ways how you can convince families that they want you. Just being lv55 and wanting someone to leech you in LoD is not a good argument. There are tons of such players ingame, and most families already had bad experiences with someone getting leeched and then just…

  • Sorry to hear that. Don't want to steal @kitcalie s job though and touch board stuff.^^

  • Quote from Jekyll: “Why there is a seer on the title screen? Explain! >:/ ” Spawn-ganking maybe?

  • Quote from Morgoth: “More themes would be nice too, we have "Spring" now so we are missing Winter, Summer, Fall. As for the extra pet slots I guess that is something I could forward. ” Let's not ask for too much here; I think it would already be great if you could choose one of the existing Nostale audio files to play in your miniland (Christmas-theme oO), so no need to create new audio.

  • So the general idea is Quote: “Make weaker versions of mall items craftable, but keep them all limited to avoid abuse.” I personally like the idea, although it might be a lot of work to properly balance things between "useless" and "making the mall item obsolete". Furthermore, making the items limited is a good first step against abuse, but there has to be more. For example, if we create protection scrolls for equipment similar to that, then we could just trade the equipment onto all alts. A sol…

  • From what I could find on Google, it seems like top4top is a file sharing site, and people have shared malicious files there in the past, thus some programs block it. I'll try to include the image here directly, instead of as a link, hope that helps visibility: p_940wqfi11.png You can directly include an image by using Source Code (1 line) in your post. About the suggestion, part of it got already suggested and forwareded to the developers (namely that you shouldn't have to log in again complete…

  • Yep, that's correct. Light vs. shadow is insane, that's why you always want lightSPs in LoD (for rebs, at least), and why an archer with SP2 can already farm racoons at a really low level (if he doesn't die^^). I can only guess that this was done because most PvE-mobs in the lower areas are shadow and from the idea that the "evil" shadow should be smited by the "good" light.

  • Quote from Pinkamena: “I'd preffer a guide that showcase Nostale loose terms that aren't explained in game. Like what is morle ? what is SL ? how fairy damage is calculated,how overall dmg is calculated,you know stuff that the NosGuide is suposed to teach you but it dosen't. It would help alot the newbies who will probably be like "cool increase morale by 5,but wtf is morale ?" ” That system is quite complicated and not easily visible inside the game. There is a guide on that in the German forum…

  • Most of that already exist in the German forum, e.g. all act 6 stuff, so who ever wants to do that would only need to translate from there. About your off-topic question: As I understand it there is no effect on your moral, so the warrior can not buff his moral, and debuffs (e.g. from gargs, that you face on that level in PvE) don't work against you. So yes, it is not a good choice, as in that level area you mostly run around as warrior. But that is only my personal, rather limited (I main mage^…

  • The problem I see with that is that it is easy to do Cuby solo and pull through 14 lows. This way, a single player could farm 50 coins or more per hour. Thus, either the exchange rate of coins for items has to be really bad - then no one would bother collecting them - or the prices for feathers, full moon, etc. will drop, thus making farming them not that good an option anymore. So I would be really careful with exchanging the coins for such items. I would rather suggest things that you can't ge…