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  • I can say, best decision would be that you lose only (let's say right piece) of reses that you want to combine. So you lose something, but not everything lol. But to balance things % would have to be rearranged because you would just try with that sum5+1 forever( but hey, aren't we doing it like that for eq/sp? )

  • That's how NosTale works

    Yumiix - - World of spam


    He just followed meme. The meme is level 1, 10 and 35, why u mad at him?

  • Music from nosville

  • If you managed to make it (kinda) equal, just make the 3 brackets or something. I will be talking about UK only, because this won't be a problem in US, since max level there 90. If people aren't allowed to use acessories and weapons on high level, level diffrence doesnt matter that much, but it would be nice split, lets say 80-89 and 90-99 (max +9 champion level) The other bracket for people from any level with champion level 10-27 ( or you can skip that if the 1 or 2% pvp dmg/def wouldn't matte…

  • New Martial Artist SP

    Yumiix - - Calvin Coach's corner


    I personally think that sp1 has been way better done. This one is particularly useless, skill cooldowns are way too high on the skills that are aquired from transformation(lotus form), so you are kind of forced to change back after casting all skills. You can't change the form like in sp1 and if u missclick skill for moon form and then you enter the lotus form, you can't change back to moon form, and you have to stay in the mode with skills 2min+ cooldowns. From buffing side, it only has 1 (2, w…

  • Then translation is badly written

  • You are wrong, all other bosses has same description and 5 level debuffs are aplied normally, only on draco not

  • If you talk about bugs, Draco description: 95% chance to nullify the debuff below level 5, so it should work only for debuffs level 1-4 and 5 should go with their normal %. All debuffs level 5 have only their 5% to debuff Draco

  • Roughly translated: Entwell informed us about the Nostale SE being closed, they will fully focus on European servers. No need to worry about our servers being closed soon.

  • Art - Polish community manager said: "Entell informed us about Nostale SE being closed, thus Entwell will focus only on European versions of Nostale. Therefore no need to worry about our servers, they won't be closed soon"

  • PVP-Event (Poll)

    Yumiix - - Calvin Coach's corner


    About that battle royale, it might have been interesting but, as far as i know there are no "chests" with items that you could take item from. But it also need big map to search for equipment then fight, and last man standing would win. But i think that would be more interesting than normal PvP 1v1 or 3v3. But I don't think gm's can do that advanced "update", because it would habe to contain new huge map, with "chests" containing items. Well It still would be pure luck based, and probably noone …

  • I suggest you to get atleast 75 level, then invest to resistances 75 rep ones. You can get them from arena in exchange for reputation, or buy from other players. Most common sum is sum5, but you should go with sum4 if you want to make them, because it's less chances to fail and you will have 100% fire+dark resistance. You can buy them if you find them cheap from other players. With that res, it should be enough to 88lv, then you get magamaros gloves. You don't really need to upgrade your special…

  • 1. It's a reward from NosWheel with some chance, or buy from Nos basar 2. Fibi/Bally are good pets and most common, I would suggest Fibi,because it tank reborns better, but it tank DH worse, if you want tank DH, Fluffy Bally will do better job. I don't think there are better pets than those, you can try getting darko, normal bushi or gladiator bushi if you can't afford those 2. 3. There are 3 basic types of fairies. Normal ones - 0-50%. Nosmall ones - 0-70% and better version of nosmall ones tha…

  • Without problems, resistances, didn't try weapons.