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  • I almost missed a fc raid and it was red hp.You wouldnt like that either if you missed it when boss have red hp

  • We see another random maintenance when raid is open and you say 14:00 cest and then u say maintenance in 5 minutes..Could you stop runining our raid atleast? Also,fix damn water raid bug too while you are fixing bugs..Its already 7 years.I guess ? My alt died out because of dragon bug and revive/death bug..

  • Also useless discounts increase prices and nosmall rate too.People buy mostly cc and then boom..after discount ends.I dont know for what reason they removed so many items from nosmall.Just saw an item for 1:140k rate.It's green ticket for partner skills.Around 700k.I really dont know what they are trying to do.I had less problems about buying any nosmall item but now all of them so expensive.But seriously,why they removed so many stuff from nosmall permanently? Besides those we cant find solutio…

  • Idk if it will solve or not but i'm sure about one thing and that is nos rate will reach to 90-100k in next few months/a year

  • Still prices was better when happy hours was still alive.I also dont say it must be happy hours.Atleast with a nosdollar event,people might buy more nosdollar so price can back to normal.As you know we have so many reseller yet so less nosmaller than past

  • I'm wondering why there is no such an event for support nosmallers.Im not a nosmaller but it affects me alot.Currently wof price +90k,boa 410k and tower tarot 350k nosmedal price almost 5m.We have less nosmallers day and day and server is dying day and day too.Atleast make an event for nosmallers.Nos rate was 1:40 some time ago then 50 then 60 and currently its over 75...Hope someone will care about it.