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  • Well unless sides are picked at random, I see any pvp event being a massive fail! There are too many people ingame who just want to win at any cost and who will manipulate the system in order to achieve what they want regardless of anyone else.

  • I do agree with Ruff about how some lower level players have a better game knowledge and ability than some high levels purely due to the fact that they've taken the time to work through the game, done the quests, got their new equipment and sp cards as they went through, learnt to use them properly, however I also agree with Ken that new content should be for the higher levels and not the lower ones. It should never have been possible for me to get to level 99 more than 3 years ago, we had no co…

  • There are a couple of simple suggestions which I can see some people won't like at all. 1. Stop families being able to change sides during the month making it only possible on the first day of the month, if a family wants to change side then they would have to disband and reform - most large families won't do that as they lose the ability to have more people, warehouse, family rep etc. 2. Take away the pvp element of the raid - then its a straight race to the finish between the two sides - one s…

  • Quote from True_Warrior12: “well i dont think that any of us is from english countries” Off Topic - sorry! Actually there are quite a lot of us from England, myself included... This used to be nos UK server before it became more like an international server.

  • One way of being able to enter the raid and thereby making it fair to everyone would be to remove the portal altogether and make it similar in entry to an ic where the game makes multiple ic's dependant on how many people are entering. A button comes up on the bottom of the screen, click it and confirm you want to enter the raid, the game makes a new raid for every 100 devils/angels with a minimum number of a raid being made, that way only a few people would be disappointed instead of a lot as i…

  • Gorgon City - Real ft Yasmin

  • Old name: foxyboxy New name: Foxy And thank you for the change Nick changed by Dixie u welcome