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  • 3v3 PVP-Event

    Bittersweet - - News about NosTale


    Unfortunately there weren't enough participants to proceed with this event. Thanks to the 3 teams who wanted to participate. In case there are still people interested in a PvP event you can discuss your suggestions and alternatives in the following thread: Questions about the PVP-Event

  • Last post of 2018

    Bittersweet - - World of spam


    Quote from Jekyll: “and together they are BS ” chair.gif

  • Last post of 2018

    Bittersweet - - World of spam



  • Last post of 2018

    Bittersweet - - World of spam


    What sort of ppl did I employ?

  • Quote from thechampian1: “Any notices on when prizes will be sent to people/winners? ” This year

  • @Pinkamena Both were accepted back then. Even if the Calendar doesn't change we accept alternatives if they're proven correctly. Same for the Sp question for example.

  • Quote from TheRealDeepStriker: “Am I still gonna receive the reward if I used a wrong email (I mean, there's ONLY ONE DeepStriker xD), or is there anything I can do to fix it? ” This would only be relevant if the character name is wrong or if we had the version of the Calendar where you receive items depending on the amount of correctly answered questions (which isn't the case for at least the last 2 years though). Quote from Pinkamena: “But i expect no less from @Ruff to post a pic with a Tired…

  • Quote from Heijnen: “Greetings, First post ever, it was too important not to mention. My answer of day 23 was evaluated wrong. Is there anyone that can help me out, and if possible steal the prize away form thechampian1? Heijnen - UK ” => You Declared Incorrect a Correct Answer in Advent Calendar

  • Quote from invisibleman: “due to the bandage covering the number i can't see it properly what is the original number for door 27... ” Well, it has to be 20 I guess, because there's no other. So far the Calendar will continue with 21 unless anything unforseen comes up again.

  • Quote from Pinkamena: “isn't meant fairys tho ? ” The question is the same in German. I guess it's correct like that. And please no guesses here unless the day is over.

  • Quote from Pinkamena: “Whats with this server bussnies ? I thought this advent was for UK and US exclusively,sigh. ” I don't know exactly how it's triggered, but for some reason that probably can happen if you participate in various Calendars I guess.

  • Quote from shyeral: “Why you declare incorrect?? Cause i didn't use gramar? Really? ” In fact: No. Neither do we expect grammatical correct sentences nor perfect orthopgraphy (though that's preferable of course). Usually it's related to this: Quote from Lady Sky: “You are allowed to participate once per day (regardless of the amount of game accounts you own, you can only participate one time per day and per person, or you risk being disqualified). ” If someone doesn't register ip sharing or part…

  • 92% knew the correct answer though the question might've been not precise - and those who didn't either gave a definitely wrong answer... or were searching for some reason to troll and keep a discussion going which is partly ridiculous. Well, you may enlighten me why this is so tempting to jump on. Certainly the whole SP5 matter wasn't accurate, but in such cases additional correct replies are usually accepted and it isn't about translation either because the German questions are mostly the same…

  • Thank you guys , but please don't spam this thread and make our mods cry You can discuss such things here instead.

  • Quote from DarkAngel~: “Quote from Naerys: “my day two is incomplete too, but i had no probs with day one ” Same here, but GM’s have to correct the answers manually, give it time, they’ve got a personal life to attend to as well. ” My usual day sometimes (which includes for example mondays) has about 12 hours and I caught another cold therefore it may take a few days sometimes. Furthermore it may happen sometimes that the provided correct answer isn't the only answer. Of course that might be wor…

  • No need to scream here, both 75 and 15 will be accepted.

  • Quote from Pinkamena: “And do raffle winners appear at the same time the answer is reaveled ? ” Well, the raffle winners are randomly chosen from the winners that day, so they'll be revealed when the rest knows whether they were right or wrong (which is done manually, but the random winners are chosen by a script).

  • Quote from Lady Sky: “You are allowed to participate once per day (regardless of the amount of game accounts you own, you can only participate one time per day and per person, or you risk being disqualified). ” If someone participates with more than one account => disqualified If there's no registration for ip sharing => disqualified In case you are sure that you did register ip sharing with the participating account and the person who shares your connection: Please send me a ticket. If not: Reg…

  • Quote from Legendary17: “so on uk thoose with highest c lv will win due to bonuses books give,res,def/attack/hp/mp maybe gameforge can think up better way to keep it balanced ” Eventually some suggestions would be more helpful, because there are various things to be considered, such as - at least for this time we will not hand out tons of additional items, so we can adjust SPs to some extend and give some instructions about gear that can be obtained easily - we can't adjust the participators lev…

  • I think you have to keep in mind that we probably won't have tons of teams participating and the more difficult it gets to form a team if there are too many subdivisions, the less people may participate. However, the CLvl for US participants has been restricted to 27 now. Eventually something like SP perfections could be used in other cases to have more balance, but we will certainly discuss the whole matter further based on the applications we receive.