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  • Seer combo skills

    bleachfun - - Malcolm's Miscellaneous


    Yeah, is your Seer lvl 20 already? All the combo skills are unlocked when you reach lvl 20 job on your sp.

  • Just as the post in the questions section, I've decided to post this here as confirmed bug. The dark energy debuff from Seer seems to not give any dark element increase. It is stated in the debuff description that you have a 50% chance that the damage from the shadow element will be increased by 25%/50%. I have tested this on mobs/players and did not see any difference in damage on enemies without the debuff. As some other seer players have also noticed this. I hope this bug will be fixed in the…

  • So... since it isn't working as described, we can assume this is a bug? Also if it is that case, how do i move this thread to the "bugs" section or do i create a new one?

  • Recently i've bought a seer and I've looked up for some information about it's debuffs, but something doesn't feel right about the dark energy debuff. It says that you have a 50% chance that the dmg from shadow element will be increased by 25%/50%. So i've began testing this on some pigeons, but it just seems I've never got this element dmg increase. Can someone explain how it really works?

  • Quote from Thor: “Making them sellable wont solve the issue. We just need to come together is all and put aside our own egos lol” Didn't say that selling SP's will solve it, just adding an other problem to the list that can be served as a reason for the community to work together on the raid.

  • And also right now, there are almost no fresh SP7's being sold in bazar... The only one left is Death Reaper (swordie sp7).

  • I do think there are some people who wants to win the Caligor raid, but those are mostly not the strongest players. Most of them are under the lvl 90 including myself. It is kind of hard to keep focusing the Boss when we would just get demolished by the enemy 90+ players. Also I've noticed a big difference between the numbers of players from the start of the raid and the end of it. In the beginning I see a lot of players hitting the boss, but as time goes by people start to leave the raid. I gue…

  • Is it now actually impossible to win a Caligor raid? I've entered Caligor for 3 weeks in a row and still no win. Is this post dead? or do you guys still continue trying to win a raid?