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  • I believe its a text bug - if you hover over an equipped psp i think you'll see the + ___ In general you can only upgrade/bet a psp's 3 skills which can rank F-A, then S weakest to strongest respectively. F-A incrementally increases the values of skills and S grants additional effects + visual change.

  • tbh i think having a _ S S foxy/fiona is better. since foxy/fiona is used on melee partners which are tanky the heal makes it tank a little longer combined with cdr buff = ggwp. also there are some psps in which you want to have triple S for example magic partner yuna and venus. i personally have a F S S imp and i love it (clone s is super nice for pve raids)

  • Quote from Bravious: “Quote from LinDowN: “There is some info about DH set……8c49a1631d84fac99009138bc……8c49a1631d84fac99009138bc ” Cause just screw Volcano's/CS's right? - Legit delete's these sp's from having any value. ” bravo, why you forget to mention gladi?

  • Quote from Chaosbringer: “Quote from cristinuza: “- foxy/fiona A-S Buff , every mage should have this psp ” Why foxy is a must have ” You need to have a foxy/fiona as a mage since it gives u a huge cdr buff so you can use your skills more often.

  • 1-55: you can get leeched at 5.2 or main quest yourself. it should take you about 4.5 hours (remember there's the martial artist buff which = 100% exp from 1-80) 55-88: LoD (I'm not sure how much % you get from leeching in a solo win ic but i heard its around 13% at lvl 80) 88-99: 5.2, 6.1, quests, etc. TBH there's no real reason to hit lvl 99just focus clvl instead As a sidenote: 6.1/midgard quests or whatever they are called are relatively easy to do. HOWEVER, there are certain quests along th…

  • Wait so how are we "voting" we just respond to the thread with points for each picture?

  • Quote from Pinkamena: “I decided that i want to do the Winter event this year so i have some questions : 1. In order for cakes to drop you must fight mobs (+15/-15) ? I know its kind of a dumb question but i recall cakes dropping from shanera regardless of level,or i might had been a lowe level back then and didn't remember lel.It seems that drop rate is a bit low ? idk. 2. I hope i don't speak only for myself while i ask this but people always were confused and unsure about this question : What…

  • Just saying: if you want an example of how hard/easy it is to shut down a private server or game with copied intellectual property. Go google league of legends and mobile bang bang Plz no ban im not promoting other games :x

  • The new UI - skill bar is super nice but it takes some gameplay to get used to it. As Cherish mentioned, its super nice being able to hotkey costumes, eq, fairies, psps, sps, pots,useable items, etc. However those items need to be in your main inv. For example, if you want to change into sps faster than clicking - you would need to hotkey the sp and fairy in main inv to the bar. This also helps out in pve modes in which you want to switch between costumes (move, aura, dmg, gold, etc) I'd agree t…

  • Selling in UK, Accepting in US

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    what darkhome said is correct this is basically what happens on uk now: ic, weekly event challenges (people spam together to get it), sp raids, cali + fernon on weekends, possibly on weekends or weekdays if you know pve players: 6.1 raids during week, sp8 on weekend tbh, i would say if you're planning on playing casually (0-2hrs per session/daily) then uk would still be fine.

  • Hello!

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    Welcome to the small community of the few, the proud,...the UK playerbase

  • id say tl>bm primarily since bm dies a lot quicker (no mana shield). HOWEVER, keep in mind that bm skills hit more than tl skills, also bm auto range is insane (13 or some trash - WHERE SCOUTS?LEL) seer or dg: idk brah. i've only seen dg in pvp which can be op at high lvls. seer is flexible for both from what ive seen.

  • this idea is alright, keep in mind - devs have fixed the multi abuse issue by just making raid rewards drop,trade, sale false. i personally think it should be traded for items useable at all levels not equip - so a buff item, pet, mount, etc. equip falls in and out of the game too easily ie. people dont use splendid def, glorius, or any of the other eq that drops from spider raid (dont bother mentioning slade)

  • ^ pat not necessarily true, atk increase dmg and crit. the main reason mages usually dont go atk is beacause they miss out on the crit bonus. furthermore, there are instances in which ele will do less for a mage than atk (pvp primarily since ppl can have res % so high that it still negates elemental damage with shell effects+debuffs in consideration)

  • are you talking mostly pve modes or pvp game modes? for pve game modes in general: use the opp ele of the main monster you're facing -> ele, atk, hp/mp if you can afford op eq then i would ditch hp/mp and just prop ele since mage dmg op for pvp in general: atk, ele, hp (i may be wrong on this since im not a mage main) if you have any questions about a specific sp or game mode let me know

  • based on what i know: nobody can give you an exact answer for this most likely since formulas for damage calcs posted online are outdated. however, based on trial and error, maru buff does not work vs. hawk from what ive seen. and whether your hit rate is a % is questionable since hitrates/dodges are a flat value over 100 on armors and weps

  • that is correct pock but make sure u still stay within guidelines of afk farming is against the rule. as a side note: its always been seen around the game there are multi acc users which seem to be so fast at it that they bot....gms can pick up on this?

  • as healer said, you need to be within the same act. so if you need to share a 5.1/5.2 point go to ret to sp6 first then to d.eagle and finally share the desired point as a side note, sp5 cave does not work anymore. acts 1, 2, 3, and act 6 are all returnable.

  • On avg 34 hours. there is a fairy exp training table under guides if im not mistaken

  • High lvl pve - in sustainability and surviving def swordie. damage is sort of nbd in pve since ppl use alts for buffs so buffs + high eq and sps balance out the damage regardless of class almost. there are certain preferences based on cds, buffs, move speed, etc. cheapest class - usually is mage but UK economy is retarded right now due to inflation and lack of players. Populations: idk about us, but what you saw in uk is pretty much the same. the weekend is busier on UK but keep in mind that eve…