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  • Well, 11 years playing this game and since last year, i dont stop getting kicked like this, im so fed up of reporting this and the only answer is "fix ur conection". I have fixed my conection and its not my problem, so pls, some1 helps me or ill have to leave this game cause today i played 3h, 2 fm lods, and 4 disconections, 2 of them in fm lod so pls, help me to fix this.…74ff0270cf59c66f47da88ea5

  • giving a break to some1 that plays 1-2h a day? wow... i see english forum is full of kids, ill leave from here XD gl

  • Quote from TheHealersGod: “as far as i know no one is pushing you to lod/fc you always got the choice to do what you want. Nobody is allowed to get involve to your personal gaming ways. do what you ever love to do. ” i think that post is irrelevant, of course i do what i want, but when do i choice to get disconected because a server issue? xD

  • Thats not a bug, its servers problem, when ur disconectiong for switch server, ur char doesnt log off after some seconds, so when the client try to log in again to re select servers, ur char is still ON and it kicks u out

  • yeah maybe some1 can do that, but for example, i rarely can do lod cause of my work or maybe between lod and lod i want to play or raid and so on, i keep losing all the value, yeah there is always some1 that will take advantage of that but there are many ppl too that doesnt and lose it

  • I think its not right what u say about items like boas or fb, its not like if ur lvl 70, and u use boa and u get kicked, u can use it and make it worth in other place, same with fb, what will i do, going yaks maybe? the same moobs that i kill everyday without fb or boa, i think thats a lost in all ways even if u still having it on, when u poped them u wanted them for an specific place/use and not for the one we are oblied to use it cause of a disconection

  • NosTale Community Discord Server

    GajeelDS - - Who are you?


    Do u know that every social app sell users data? that doesnt mean ur getting hacked, that is for learning about those users so when u google or see videos, ur adds will be one or another, if u think that i can go and tell discord hey, sell me invisiblemans data for hacking, and they sell it, ur really sick xD

  • NosTale Community Discord Server

    GajeelDS - - Who are you?


    Funny to see som1 doing something good for comunity and read ppl asking for closing the thread because he saw a lot of hackers films xD ill join jonformed

  • They are not tradeable if u put it in bead if they come from the bundle xd i have already tried and it puts Inferno(limited)

  • Its the same problem because, he is saying that he has to reopen countless times, thats cause the server kicks u but ur char keeps ON, and if the server doesnt kicks u out as i said before, ur client doesnt get closed, its the same problem and the same solution xD

  • Quote from Nandus: “Quote from GajeelDS: “Everything is linked but nos$, it is the only thing u can trade the rest is linked, i see that quite stupid cause ur paying for it, but nostale is not known because of thinking on players so yeah, thats how it works ” That is not true in general.Most of the things you can buy for nos$ can be sold in the bazaar or traded. The only exception are packs like the 10th anniversary one. These are limited, meaning that they can only be used by the characters on …

  • i dont think bugs are the only thing that can get fixed, if a server has problems, cause all comunities are having the same problema, u can fix it, even reapiring ur servers or changing them, but there is a huge amount of ppl suffering this problem its not something that u can let like that, cause if that happens 1 day, u get angry, but if that happens 20 times in 20 diferent raids or lods and so on, who would like to keep playing? im not mad tho, im just explaining that is not a problem that ca…

  • Everything is linked but nos$, it is the only thing u can trade the rest is linked, i see that quite stupid cause ur paying for it, but nostale is not known because of thinking on players so yeah, thats how it works

  • It happens to everyone, this issue is known and its not getting fixed, i can assure u in 1month this isnt fixed, the game will die, we got enough problems in it to add a permanently disconection while raiding, loding or any stuff, its not about u dont worry

  • As i said i didnt lose something expensive, but its better to have announcement with more than 5min time to log out because the time space i do its 11min long, if it were 15min as morgoth said i could have not enter and avoid, that would be great because i do those time space every morning

  • I woke up this morning at 7am, i looked at the website and i didnt see any maintenances announced, cause of that, i loged in to do some things like party time spaces and suddenly, maintenance, i couldnt even finish my pts. I know its not a big lose 1 pts(even tho the mats are expensive and i wont ask for refound cause thats useless) the point is that, why wasnt it announced? should we guess when the maintenance is taking place? i would like to ask for posting maintenances, not even in official w…

  • Quote from invisibleman: “well i cant say that i missed any file..i did some research about it and yes some ppl said you may lose some file or the file getting corrupted and the error will appear so in order to fix that deleted nos folder/client anything related from nos and redownload it back.. i tried those steps and it did not work instead of it allowing me to update after installation it just go and stuck into that error window..and 2nd time after i reinstall it .it is patching halfway then …

  • Wasnt ur answer literally, "The problem is not in the server because the players didnt get kicked massively so if it is only u it has to be ur problem". if u say thats not true im done xD

  • U drop it in ANY moob in desert, but well, its really really hard to drop that indeed, i tried sometimes and i suffered

  • Quote from invisibleman: “so after 20x+ open and closing nos client finally im able to enter to nos and around 2 or 3 hours of playing it i got dced and come out this...and my problem still stay the same it's countable how many times i can login sorry got to crop some part as the original file is too big and unable to be save in nostale folder so i use prnt screen and paste it on paint programme ” I read the links u put upthere, i think ur missing a file that gives ur nostale the instructions fo…