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  • My Heart made from Pii

    Eragon~ - - Calvin Coach's corner


    Quote from Galaco: “A bit late, but great work! I love your creativity :)” What's a bit late?

  • Is there a nickname change already? (yes or no) : No Old nickname: cristi10334 New nickname: Eragon~

  • Quote from swordofjustice: “Try it with bee hives in krem =D” There arent enought to make a heart...

  • Quote from Pinkamena: “Its very nice,how much time you spent by forming the heart I might try to do it too.” Well took like 1 hour ~ 1 hour and 30 mins but most of time i was "cmon hurry , some1 might come and kill the half heart" Quote from Satako: “This is real romance, i'd marry anyone who presented me with a pii pod heart on spot. mayn'” Haha , well aren't much girls there Quote from RaederTV: “Beautiful. You're very creative and have plenty of time to do that. :D ” Thanks xD Quote from ariy…

  • Thanks , i apreciate

  • Thanks , i will do it again other time , i see so much ppl look at this post and no1 reply lol

  • Hei guys , today i was walking in some maps cuz i was bored and i grabed a Pii for fun , and in that moment i had an make a heart from Pii , so i begin to make it. After i made it i made some speakers and call ppl to see it. i made it in 1~1:30 hour. You can see all images i made here : Everyone had fun , ofc the heart didnt live more then 10 mins cuz they start to kill the Pii's Everyone was impressed so i think im the first who made this kind of thing? Thanks to pp…