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  • Quote from Pinkamena: “So,im not looking for a family atm,as i have one,but i really have to say that i love that logo ! Did you guys did it ? It looks amazing ! ” My friend made it for me 4 years ago when I had a guild in a different game. Sadly we lost contact with each other but she gave me the okay to use it anytime I want as long as I tell people I did not make it when they asked. Her name was MoonyChan.

  • Moontree_logo_smaller.pngMoonTree is currently recruiting! We are a Nostale US server family! We belive in enjoying the game together and leaving no one behind! I decided to make this guild so people of any level would be able to find a home in Nostale! Our goals for this guild is to enjoy all the game content the game as to offer and make friends along the way! We do plan on doing LoD (Land of the Dead.) to progress faster but at this moment we are unable to do so. Once we are able to do LoD we…

  • Frostwolf - Arrwhooooo

    GoddessLuna - - Staff


    Quote from Frostwolf: “Greetings adventurers! My name is Frostwolf, I am born 1990 and I am from Germany - who would have guessed Of course I play Nostale myself and basically I want to make this game an even more fun and enjoyable place for everyone! My Hobbies: First of all: I am a gamer, I love playing games, no matter if they are on the PC or on a console. I do not like playing alone, so I play either online-games or games on consoles together with friends. I also like playing board-games - …

  • Hello!! :)

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    Quote from ~Wildneko93~: “Hello! I'm a player from Italy. I played at this game a lot from 2009 to 2011 and when I saw that it was on steam I said to myself "why not?". I hope to meet new people from all around the world. My name in game is Failsafe93 feel free to write me Have fun and good game! ” Welcome back to Nostale =)! I also play the steam version on the new server! I hope your having a fun time being back!

  • Quote from Bittersweet: “Quote from GoddessLuna: “I know they are a bit short staffed on GM's but I feel after they hire a couple for US or UK they might have more time to host raids or talk to the community and try to plan some small events to help out the community. I do feel that is in their power to do so unless the higher ups say no or something. I def feel like the community will be better with more GM's on the scene. I know when I first started playing 5-6 years ago I at least saw a gm in…

  • Hello everyone! There was a couple of steam users who played NosTale who showed interest in a NosTale's discord community since discord is used by many I figured I would make one. If you feel like joining it your more then welcome to! This discord is only for the US server and English is mandatory.

  • Quote from Archer: “Quote from Bittersweet: “We're aware of the issues and forwarded them to the responsibles since the game team currently can't solve this. Unfortunetly it's currently weekend, therefore I expect a solution next week (since the direct employees don't work on weekends indeed). ” Thank you for the heads up on the situation. ” The fairy pack we bought on steam is now showing up in the item depot! So I think this is fixed now ^^! Check to see if you have yours now Archer!

  • Quote from Bemte: “German Board for the win!…/20952-Alle-Kost%C3%BCme/ First post: Female only. Second post: Male only. Third post: Unisex costumes, you can see both male and female version. Later posts: More costumes that got introduced later. ” Oh. I don't speak german so I never thought to look there. I guess I should take the thread I was making for costumes down xD!

  • All your Appearance needs

    GoddessLuna - - Guides & FAQs


    So I noticed that we do not have a compiled guide on apprentice items etc. I feel that seeing a costume or wings before you buy it would be a great deal for people so this is why I decided to make this. I might need some help from the community because I don't know how some stuff looks so if you have anything to add just reply here and I will add to the thread! Edited: 9/27/17 2:13am - It is pretty early in the morning for me and I am getting tired so for now this is all I have. I will make sure…

  • Quote from BushiDoBlade: “Here, can't find the English language one but might help, it does for me. ” Look at it but sadly it does not show what the outfit looks like on a character.

  • Quote from Dekomori: “Hello, community. I'm just a 36 lvl noob (started yesterday) and can't find any guide about pets/partner for classes. So help me pls with my question. Which partner should i choose for my archer? Frigg/Ragnar or waiting for Kliff? Or may be there r some another decent partners? ” Any partner that can tank for a ranged class I consider good. I am also an archer and I have been using frigg and her skills have been helping me quite a bit. I never used Ragnar but a lot of peopl…

  • Quote from BushiDoBlade: “Hi, I want to ask, I know Ragnar can have Bone Knight Ragnar, how about Frigg? any SP card she can use? Is there any list and stat of specialist card for player and partner? Thank you ” As far as I know I don't see any sp card's for frigg. I don't see it in the nosmall or the wheel so maybe its some we have to wait for.

  • Hagen Intro

    GoddessLuna - - Who are you?


    Quote from Hagen: “Hi everyone, my name is hakan, you can also call me hagen like my nickname, i played several years in uk-tr-de servers and actually i was going to stop playing.But ofcourse i couldnt make it.I saw the new server and came.I played so good on pvp in so many years, now i just wanna play pve style and be relax.In university im going to second grade this year and i got a lot of lesson from last year.I think this server's future is really bright.Also i can help you guys if you need …

  • Quote from Jes: “Hello, I've been browsing the internet for male and female Nostale costumes but only seem to find images for single costumes. By any chance is there a website or a forum post that has all the costume pictures available for players for both male and female characters? Thank you~ ” I been looking for the same thing and sadly nothing came up. I think the community would have to pitch in together to get something set up to see the outfits.

  • Quote from Bemte: “Quote from Morgoth: “As for foreign language... I think we need to sort this out fast but currently if UK rules apply to US completely then it shouldn't be allowed. ” On Cylloan, there are many international players. Thus, it would be troublesome if you would enforce English also in family and group chats (as stated in the current version of the rules). I, for example, am part of an all-German family, and of course we are using German in our family chat. I fully understand and…

  • Hello Nostale Peeps!

    GoddessLuna - - Who are you?


    Quote from Bemte: “Quote from Joy01: “is the us server only on steam? or could it be downloaded here aswell? ” You can simply download the English client from the homepage and play on Cylloan from there, you don't have to use Steam if you don't want to. @Luna: I haven't seen that many UK or US people yet, but maybe that's only because I don't really look for them. There are at least 100 German players (the ones I know of, being in all-German families) and there are families from many European co…

  • Hello Nostale Peeps!

    GoddessLuna - - Who are you?


    Quote from Bemte: “Hey there Luna, nice to have you on the server. Right now, it seems to be really active and I too hope that it will stay like that. I don't know how many players are there from NA, but I have seen people and families from all around the globe - I really want the server to become a giant, international server. ” Thank you kindly! Yes I am liking the activity of the server quite a bit! I have seen some NA folks but mostly UK folks but that is fine as sometimes I am busy and acti…

  • Quote from Morgoth: “I cleaned some maps for now, let me know if someone try this again. ” Thank you for the help!

  • Quote from Morgoth: “I believe that will be fixed with Wednesday's weekly maintenance. (or at least I hope so) ” Thank you for the update. I was wondering the same thing.

  • Quote from onuro315: “Windows 10 and this error comes on Steam client at normal client only says "Server was disconnected." ” Hmm I am also using windows 10 and the steam client. I am not sure what it could be. Sometime last night while I had a shop up and was afk I had got this message. I just simply relogged and have not seen this message again in about 6 hours. If I encounter it more I will see if I can figure it out. Sorry I am not much help. If you keep encountering the issue it might be be…