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  • Change for Process Explorer. SandBoxies can cause graphics troubles. There is a guide i've made for ProcessExp

  • Welcoooome into the Exiting New Nostale !…ent-combat-arena-and-more

  • Well, first of all, SL's are not in %. but your idea is great, i think more something like "Increase Attack Statistic of your SP by : X" Edit : Also, adding words to describe effect is good too. but some R5/6/7 shells with a big list of effect will become more longer than actualy... :o

  • ProcessExplorer Allow you to connect as much account as you want, without paying for any Premium acces like SandBoxies. ¤~Step One~¤ Search on Google for Process Explorer, and download it on your favorite download website. ¤~Step Two~¤ Start the first NosTale session. you can already log into your usuall account. ¤~Step Three~¤ Run Process Explorer as an Administrator. If any window appeared, do the necessary. u68j.png ¤~Step Four~¤ Click on the Binocular icon or the FIND menu, and in "research"…

  • i believe gameforge can decide of what update they buy. Try to find back the Family Update on the nostale Korea... Entwell is focus on the Korean nostale game. No matters of all others comunitys. Well, sorry, but i took the pict on an old post i make. If you can tell me how to resize fast, by editing my post, i want to know

  • The idea is great... Really. Unfortunatly, i think it will never happend... I mean on french forum we have a "suggestion" espace, and rules are : Quote: “Bonjour à tous, Hello everyone Afin de vous éclaircir sur ce que l'équipe jeu pourrait mettre en place, voici ce que nous avons la possibilité de faire : To clarify on what the team could play set up, this is what we have the opportunity to: Lancer des annonces administrateur (en jaune) sur un canal, un serveur ou tous les serveurs Changer le b…

  • Well, if you want to change the respawn at Krem, you can just go at Nosville, click on the Teleportation portal " Warp Zone" and choose "Designated Place Of Revival"

  • I know the feeling you have both HeavenGuard & Legendary17. In some points, u'r right. We can't force people to do something. Of course the difference between damage is huge (or insane). What's about level, if u can't even pay your 90+ stuff ? i mean good stuff, at least R5/6+7~8. Should we just up, to get the holy 90 & + before the name ? was once in ~Honor~ Fam's raid. i never waited to get pulled, and i was active & using pots. Fun fact, i tried to lead some draco seals once (I was ready to l…

  • Heya ! If you need some Guides, maybe u can take a look on other comunity ( french one is really active & we have lot of Guides) & ask to translate ? Could be a fast & safe way :). About knowledge of raids, how can people learn something if you play with the "Elite" of players (I mean 90+ draco/Glace, and some others things).

  • Of course you can! The resistors should not be the problème.Cela also depends on your opponent shells Lvl 90 bow = -14% all resistance, with a good shell, it can go up to 25% res (for R6). Anyway enough to not less than 100%. About the CRITIC DOWNGRADE, it is a particular calculation is applied. As I said, this is a bow 90 he has. (13% 180% Size luck of damages) so your orange effect on your armore Decrease to 140% [(180% - 40%)] and not [180 * (40/100)]. What I mean by this is that -120% crit d…

  • Hello. I dont know if it's a bug or something the dev wanted. But, this action is possible since the SP6 relase. I knew it for the SP6's red buff. Can you give me the metod applied to you to remove wolf's buff ? Thanks Yaouank

  • 6 i'm on now :3

  • 3 Yes maybe, i've been spamming raids few month ago Enjoying ? I'll gonna spam Jacks and maybe slades:)

  • 1 then alt b