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  • The Last Post Wins V6

    Naerys - - World of spam


    Heya to all of you. Luxx: Lets hope it will be solved,sometimes its annoying

  • Quote from °BowFlex°: “Yes close it, Persistant arena players who complain about not being able to afford things is 80% of this game anyways. ” Lol xDDDD

  • Quote from °BowFlex°: “who said i made 2bil in 2hrs hold on? ” To be fair, u mentioned only 2 bil without any specific time

  • Quote from °BowFlex°: “so its my fault ppl sell their items cheap now?.. ” Did anyone blame you for that? NO. So whats the meaning of this post

  • Quote from °BowFlex°: “so now your complaining how i made gold without nosmall, making the origional point now invalid. ” Very logical But wait,anybody complained? I dont think so. I don´t like resellers very much i wont hide it This just proves i was right from the beginning - You think only of yourself and your profit. You never think of community...

  • Resell :))) Well, that explains a lot.

  • Quote from Pinkamena: “Ok,how about this,tell us how you make 2 billions in 2 hours,let everyone see,this way everyone will be not be affected by the economy. ” Unless it includes scamming,

  • Quote from °BowFlex°: “section us is not the real Section firstly, and i play 2-3 hrs a day as i work, if you give a valid argument id discuss properly ” I sincerely doubt it, beceause you fail to understand your arguments are invalid. You fail to understand that hyperinflation is dangerous. You fail to understand some people took this game more like having fun with friends, bcs some ppl just cant stand farming for couple of hours...You fail to understand that some ppl arent from rich countries …

  • Quote from °BowFlex°: “discuss what? ” Situation of this server,perhaps?

  • Quote from °BowFlex°: “but before i nosmalled i grinded out 2bil myself whats your excuse ” My excuse is,that you repeat the same thing over and over again and you are unable to discuss with somebody. Perhaps you should look into psychology and search meaning of word "Game".

  • Quote from °BowFlex°: “I will only waste time debating with players who had 100m+ before inflation Section #1 uk fam ” Good luck,find them here You prefer money, i prefer intelligence

  • You fgot to put "Irrelevant" in there.

  • If i am done,depends on you. But yeah,arguing with you is useless

  • Quote from °BowFlex°: “If you had gold before prices gone up fair enough, but you never had gold so you're irrelevant here really Ps: the time we spent debating ive made nearly 5m thats 1/4 a cc in notime and you're still complaining when ur probably afk in arena typing on forums ” I am not even in the internet deeps DCing randomly. And besides, i am packing my stuff,bcs i am going home for weekend.

  • But you avoided to metion the time spent on game And its not only "poor players" opinion,i know 90+ players, who can make money just fine, who are complaining bout UK situation...But it doesnt really matter, you will still go on with that "poor players this" poor players that" Ofc even i, lvl 85 could make money,i could go to act 5 / woa farming / ts 73 etc. I cant make 15m a day but i could manage just fine You are still completely ignoring the fact that hyperinflation isnt stopped easily. In y…

  • No,i dont blame you for my bad internet I blame you for your selfish and "blind" thinking.... Ofc ppl who dont do anything wont have good eq and so on. (Except for Nosmallers,but well, they do not have to move a finger now,) Imagine you are busy person,who has like 2-3 hours of free time in like 3 days. You can farm and raid a bit, but you wil never make so much money as some1 who is in game whole day. Ofc, for such person,it will be harder to afford stuffs at increasing prices than for someone …

  • Quote from °BowFlex°: “no me and ms grinded our lvls and gear we are proud players who sit and arena afk allday dont deserve good items Simple. ” Thats exactly what i was talking about. ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME -> Your thinking Indeed,you are simple.

  • His and Makintosh´s problem is,they cannot think "out of the box" - they dont have critical thinking! They only thing of themselves and their own profit, but they dont think what effect this hyperinflation will have on community! They will repeat the same over and over again,with argument "you are irrelevant"

  • Quote from °BowFlex°: “same goes for eqs theres bad (offbrand eqs) and high tier ones again, irrelevant ” Well yea, eq and shells are exceptions, Mr.Irrelevant. But still,products like CC with a price over 20 mil for unused? I would tolerate price around 10-13,maybe even 15 mil,but 25+? Hyperinflation is BAD and it leads to bankruptcy

  • Quote from °BowFlex°: “irrelevant, either way people want to profit more so they raise price You dcing doesnt speak for the rest of the server so your first argument is irrlevant too as you cant play due to internet others can players So what i got from this thread was you're pretty irrelevant and its just poor players complaining Section - #1 Uk Family ” Yea thats truly good "argument" You are irrelevant,blah blah. What you say is irrelevant,blah blah. It seems to me,you dont have truly good an…