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  • Steam Release for MAC?

    deadtoad - - Calvin Coach's corner


    I've been struggling with this issue for awhile (Playing nostale on Mac). I've tried running Wine with Nostale. Everything looks good but you just can't move in game. Wine is a popular program and the more popular the Windows program is the more support you tend to get on the program you're trying to run, it's quite commonly used to run Steam on Mac. So once Nos goes on Steam hopefully it will be possible to play through Wine, we'll just have to wait and see.

  • Awesome! Thank you, and screenshots are all I need :)!~

  • Hello! I've noticed that it's hard to keep up with the game when you've been away for awhile or for new players who want to play. Partners have received a massive update from what they started as, yet I can't even find any information on all the new partner specialists that are coming out. Partner sp's are a lot more complex than just regular pets, and can get pricey especially with rare specialist cards or S skilled cards. So I'm trying to put a guide together for both myself and new and return…

  • Majority of the issues we have with this server are really out of our hands. Sure we can all suggest ideas for change but in the end a very small percentage of these issues can be solved. Also we unfortunately cannot change the attitude that players have. Some of them of really stuck up and will continue to get richer and gain better eqs, for the most part. But I find that most of these problematic players are higher levels who they're the best; I think it's impossible to be considered the "best…

  • I completely agree with you this game is extremely frustrating. It's quite bittersweet because it's a lot of fun and I personally find it quite addicting and unique. But the amount of money you have to spend to be considered "strong" is ridiculous. And making money in game requires lots of support from a family, you'll never progress as a solo player it's literally impossible. If you want to make a good budget through fc raids and 5-6 act raids+ leveling you need a lot of help, and most of the s…