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  • Ok, I come back bcz there is a furry character (???? 4zQ8rHuwwB9kpbRyKp0akd.jpg 0001544912.JPG So this Master Wolf is actually a npc character from the dead App Game version of Nostale [Granvilier (JP)/We are the Hero(KR)], too. (well that app game was boring, but at least the furry is great) (Many stuffs of nostale updates at these 2 years are all Resource Recycling(copying) from app game) (bcz Entwell is totally dead so no more building of game) but.... Clearly u have a better concept art of m…

  • Quote from Aard: “Holy fuck it looks amazing, what progam + stylus do you use to draw? ” Program->Paint Tool SAI and Clip Studio Paint Style?o.o Shld be Soft Shading?o3o Quote from Frostwolf: “@skaghonat Your drawings are absolutely amazing! You said nobody is using them, so I was wondering if you could draw me a little Avatar/Signature I could use? Something related to snow/winter/wolf/puppy? Or maybe you could draw one of those mighty wolfes from the Warcraft-movie... there are rarely pictures…

  • er......hi XD Long time since been here well, I am kinda quitted from Nostale so no point to come here anymore , right?o3o yet , I still drew some nostale stuffs and after this fanart contest , maybe it is the time to say goodbye to nostale?~"~ (but i think i will still draw nostale, as WK is my fav XD) I have to say, I drew so few Nostale stuffs as I reached more taiwanese who reli like Kemono , so I have an dramatically increase on the amount of drawings of kemono lol....... OK , Nostale Part …

  • eh~ 1922 already but well I won't win anyway -w- 2017-04-24%202_zpspuonbtkz.png still drawing pic wifout completing anyone of it ....o3o

  • oh nth it is just about the Valhalla Part 3 but i think u guys launched it already so i didn't translate it didn't get it yet?o.o

  • do u guys get Valhalla Part 3 yet?~"~ i saw 3 interesting battles o3o (Bushtail Battle, Wolves catches Wooly, Turtles under Meteor shower)

  • The Last Post Wins V4

    skaghonat - - Malcolm's Miscellaneous


    white_day___anubis_by_skarltano-db2h6za.jpg I wonder if Europe have "White day"...o3o (It is at 14th march, just i finished it too late orz)

  • well if they merge the server together it may rather be like Hong Kong Server since they merge HK server wif Taiwan server but wat they reli do is.. Claiming "Channel X is for taiwanese players" but actually hong kong players can enter that channel , vice versa o3o

  • Quote from Galaco: “Yea about deleted posts. Somehow all my posts and Ruff's in last post of 2016 are gone and naerys's and turtle's aren't wtf. This is conspiracy LOL. ” WELCOME BACK GALACO~~~~~ long time no see QAQ IT is sooooo bored to see only 2 ppl flirting each other here D: good to see u back~~~QAQ ---------------------------------- korin___by_skarltano-db1t9cl.jpg (post a pic then run~

  • Someone is asking me if i could allow him using my drawings on nostale private server.... well.... i dun like private server and it sounds like I helped making this private server.... how shld I reject him?D:

  • commision___marshall_k_cein_by_skarltano-db18x6i.jpg A Commission Long time didn't draw a thing wif such detailed background (or shld be the most detailed one in my drawing life?) and then.... my dad is chopping a wild boar at house SO SMELLY o3o

  • valentine_2017_by_skarltano-dazle3v.jpg "Spear, this righteous chocolate is yours." "Chocolate? ... why?" "Today is Valentine's Day, woman will send chocolate to the man she like ... ..." "!!Then I cannot acc ..." "For those men who have no one like, I have done a lot of" comforting lonely soul "chocolate to you ..." "!!I do not need to be comfor ..." "...guys." "Oh……" "The soldiers of the barracks are so pitiful and lonely that they will have to eat each other soon." "... ..." "Then ... ...who …

  • The Last Post Wins V4

    skaghonat - - Malcolm's Miscellaneous


    valentine_s_day_2017_2___to_raa_by_skarltano-daz50i5.jpg Happy lonely Valentine's Day Q_Q

  • The Last Post Wins V4

    skaghonat - - Malcolm's Miscellaneous


    Quote from Naerys: “Whatever, i just wanna Pinka stop complaining. ” agree it is just like "the mouth says no, but the body says yes " -w-

  • Valentine%202017_zpsqunmfks4.jpg happy valentine's day but it is not finished

  • y kovolt?- -? it is a kemono character from Tokyo After-school summoners , an app game o.o

  • Quote from Athazel: “Quote from skaghonat: “horkeu_kamui___tokyo_afterschool_summoner_by_skarltano-dayb1ag.jpgah it works... but then it is too weird to edit link like this.... hmm forum format can't be changed?:( ” really good job there skarl (although I feel like the nipple is placed too right? or is it just me?)should i remind you of my gilgamesh one? ” Dun remind me I didn't get gilgamesh in FGO (sob.....

  • 2017-02-11%201_zpsyg68olng.png long time didn't draw girls lmao for the last time i drew a girl seriously is 3 months ago lol so it looks a bit odd now *Anyway tinypic link dun support "https://" so Tinypic is dead for this forum now

  • horkeu_kamui___tokyo_afterschool_summoner_by_skarltano-dayb1ag.jpgah it works... but then it is too weird to edit link like this.... hmm forum format can't be changed?:(

  • so I can't use deviantart link directly can't use photobucket tinypic dun allow me to upload anymore Embedding images from “” is not allowed. Please upload your images somewhere else or use the internal file attachment system (if possible). so how can I post pic to forum?o3o