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  • Just a very quick suggestion: How about we get the new "max" button that we already have for potions production and some other stuff also for minigames, namely to refill them with coupons. A single coupon just restores 300 points, and if you have 4 big minigames you have a total of 48k points. Even if all minigames are only half empty, that is still 80x that you have to click on "use coupon" and then on "ok"; with a "refill to max with coupons" button we could change this to 4x.

  • Sounds interesting. I found this link here:…T/?uri=celex%3A32016R0679, and it seems to be a really long regulation. As you seem to be an expert: Could you please point me towards the paragraphs you are referring to, concerning impersonating, 13 year olds, etc. - I'd really like to read up on it. About your question what GF will do: I'm sure they will do things, but I'm not so sure that they will go and tell everyone about their internal security measures... edit: A…

  • Ok, let's see what we have in this video: 0:20 hero level up to 70 0:22 new class (?) 0:38 new UI; well, ok, that was already known from the German board at least. However, the pictures there showed Q,W,E for partner skills, I really like that they are now on one of the skillbars. I dare not hope for costumizable keys (like in almost every online game... xD), but that would be great. 1:22 new skills maybe? 2:00 you can actually move skills/items on the skillbar, instead of having to move them of…

  • Ok, let's start with not bashing the annoying scouts. Yes, they are annoying, one shotting almost everyone, etc., but I don't think the reason for that is that they are overpowered. It is more that scout players specialize on that one aspect, they have weapons and shells specially for reducing enemies deff and water ressistance, the scout is often their only good SP, they are full buffed,... A scout is in general not stronger than any other SP. Ok, now I should run, too, I think. But before runn…

  • Deinstall Nostale, delete the Nostale-folder (save your screenshots first if you want), then re-install it.

  • Hi!

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    Hi there. I am not online right now, but if you look for friendly people, feel free to check out our Discord: You would need to join the fam though to get to the internal and spam areas. xD

  • Family Avalanche

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    Let's push again here: We are always looking for active, friendly members. If you are interested, just check out our Discord for more details:

  • Well, ok, yes, if you run around everywhere you will find people speaking in other languages from time to time. I also wrote in other languages myself some times, before switching to a private chat. What I'm saying is that it is not that bad that your gaming experience would be influenced by that. Most people you get into contact with speak and understand English; more or less.

  • Did you try both the Steam version and the stand alone client (can be downloaded from the homepage)?

  • Bound partner equipment

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    Just a short question about todays maintance: If I have a bounded item and turn it into a partner item, it is no longer bounded and my partner can wear it, ok. But does it keep the effects of the shell, i.e. can I give my partner shelled equipment? Or does the shell also disappear?

  • Did you run Nostale as administrator? Did you also delete the Nostale-folder after uninstalling?

  • Quote from invisibleman: “highest population is definitly US but british polish or american im not sure as US as far as i can see there's really mix of language i've seen player who speak foreign language which i cant really understood...but english speaking language is kinda alot (i've been like create char>spy on them and delete char on US serv alot of times) ” The main language is English and almost everyone writes English in general chat or speakers. Of course there are families from all aro…

  • Log in problem

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  • The chances are added like that? Well in that case I would have a 25% chance that dmg is reduced by 180%, because I have both an armor and a costume with reduced dmg. Hmm, so 1 dmg on average every forth hit, I kind of like that.

  • Just a little thing I encountered today: I played with my ranger and noticed that sometimes, he gets 1 Dmg. I think this is due to the skill "rapid recovery", that reduces the incoming dmg by 90%. However, I would normally get 300-400 dmg, so even after reducing it should be more than 1. I am not sure if maybe the dmg gets reduced first, before applying my armor and if this is intended or not, but as an unknowing user, 1 doesn't seem to be 10% of 300.

  • B> Illusionist Hat

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    Had to edit my post because I got pointed towards the set in the nosmall: The set, including costume and hat, costs 200 nos$. Currently, nos$ are sold for around 20-25k a piece, so if you message such a seller, you can get the set (and thus also the hat) for 4-5m.

  • Is it true? shops anywhere

    Bemte - - Calvin Coach's corner


    It was interesting before the bazaar got introduced. Back then, you had to speaker or search for what you want to buy or sell, so it made sense to make shops in different areas for different items. Now, with the bazaar, it is no longer necessary to make shops everywhere, and I rarely see anyone opening a shop outside of the shop zone.

  • His skill has a target, hasn't it? So not "around self" but "around enemy". In this case, he uses his skill when attacking. He first uses a normal attack, and after that, he uses his skill. But if he kills the enemy with his first autoattack, he doesn't use any skills and switches to the next enemy. On the other hand, if you have a skill "around self", it gets activated as soon as your partner gets attacked, he doesn't need to attack himself to trigger it.

  • Double drop

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    Just a short question about the double drop event starting tomorrow: Is it correct that the chance for every item to drop is doubled? And if yes, does this also include items in TS, in LoD, etc. and quest items? Or is there a list of items of which the drop chance got doubled (e.g. "only items on these maps, no quest items" or anything)?

  • I can't really believe that there will be a new class. The whole game is around 3 classes: you can have 3 characters on your account, you can have 3 members in a group, etc. You would need to change tons of timespaces, you need to change graphics, etc. And let's not even start talking about balancing. If there are nicer equipments for perma adventureres that would be something different, but until there is an official (i.e. by LadySky) announcement that this will really be a new class, meaning t…