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  • bank system

    Kayrankstake - - Calvin Coach's corner


    Hey, i tried my best to translate it from the german forum: - In Port Alveus is a new Map for the Banking System, there will be a NPC where you can save up to 100b gold - You can access the bank with any of your characters on the account- Take off Gold costs a fee, which will be displayed when you take off - Also in the normal trade, you can specify your stored gold on the bank, which is transferred to the others bank - The fee when picking up depends on your reputation - There will soon be item…

  • Minigame Raids Rewardlist

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    #Bushi King Defender (Hidden Content) #Sheep Farm (Hidden Content) #Bushi Stolen Goods Chest (3 Bronze Acorns) (Hidden Content) #Old Viking Chest (1 Gold Acorn) (Hidden Content) #Old Goth Chest (1 Gold Acorn) (Hidden Content) 1 Bronze Acorn = 50 Acorn 1 Silver Acorn = 3 Bronze Acorn 1 Gold Acorn = 2 Silver Acorn Copied out of the german forum and adapted it for the english one Edit1: Added Shogun Bushi to the Bushi King Raid Edit2: Added Cherred Mask Parchment & Normal Leather x10 to Sheep Farm …