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  • Quote from Gandalof: “"piss me off and I’ll make the Death Star explosion look like a fire cracker".. found naerys main account. just curious, what pisses you off? firefox next ” Mostly things people do, not really anything you could say Pinka!

  • Nope. Bed-time for me as well. Cherish


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    Quote from Morgoth: “Welcome to the team! hopefully our little forum community won't make you run away... ” I could do the job! Welcome to the team Hecket!

  • As someone who's also 'GM' for the german servers: Even with all the planning and testing there were quite some issues coming up after the merge - and we are all still working on them and help players with all sort of weird stuff. As a player playing on the english servers I also want the merge, but let this first round of merges settle down and let Gameforge/Entwell fix those issues that popped up to make it better next time- for your own sake . Lady Sky will inform us if there are any news

  • I mean we can have the same tourenament, just as 1v1 - but let's be honest who exactly would like to participate with anything else than an archer? The 3v3 was to prevent any class-advantages.

  • btw UK had more participants than US^^ I don't like the idea of a level 1 PVP, it's simply right clicking, no skills - boring. Martial Artist is an idea, but people already leveled that character up, sticking to level 81 only would result in a lot of complains I suppose. If we are going up to level 20 we will have a million botter for job-level - also no thanks^^ More ideas are welcome

  • Wanted to post something... *sighs* There aren't enough participants, I am really sorry. I thought this would attract more players. I might try a new version in a few weeks, any ideas are appreciated

  • That looks exactly like @Morgoth - well done! And now I run!

  • 3 points for picture 3 2 points for picture 2 1 point for picture 1


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    I also normally prefer Nostale without BGM, but I always have the effect-sounds on (lowest volume). If it's this song we are talking about, it's been there for... 11 years? I love it xD (Hidden Content)

  • Quote from invisibleman: “i want to ask red nosed reindeer=young rudolph bushi? ” No. More information: If you want to upgrade the Sleigh from the Nosmall at Santa Claus, the Reindeer has to stay in the pearl.

  • Quote from TheRealDeepStriker: “Can you guys maybe.. just maybe.. make it so that people that have more than one account / ip in the same raid won't receive any box? ” What about brothers and other family-members playing with the same IP? I doubt that's possible, sorry. Quote from TheRealDeepStriker: “Regardless, my question is, what are these rewards gonna be though? ” You'll see but they will be the same for everyone

  • I have to make it clear: A person solo-ing IC on channel 5 will get the exact same rewards as someone doing it with 20 other players on channel 1. Each person that has more than x ActivityPoints will get the same, fixed rewards directly to the inventory, there won't be any drops. You will get the rewards after each round of monsters - you don't have to kill them all. The only exception is the last round, to get the rewards (gold, fame, specialist points) you have to clear the map - same as it wa…

  • We can look further into it - all I need is your character-name

  • First question: Does your IE work? Can you access any websites with it?

  • Drops from specific monsters, most of them in Secret Lab: Foggy Colossus Beast Weak UFO Boing Weak Spike Boing Strong Spike Boing Strong UFO Boing Emaciated Zombie Guard Hunchbacked Zombie Guard Abominable Zombie Guard Lanky Zombie Guard Credits to

  • Quote from Kacchan: “but right now i am here not for that, question is which map were are going to use for event. ” It will be a special map that is not know to you yet and has no entrance or exit. Therefore all I am saying is that people are not allowed to use wof to a player that is on this map.

  • Quote from invisibleman: “so basically we can purchase any teo eqps and upped it to r7+10 and use it for the pvp? ” It was already answered, but I point it out: the equip has to be 0+0

  • Quote from TheRealDeepStriker: “by pressing Control+Z twice really really fast ” Not allowed and will be disqualified Quote from Q-Arch: “What if you get disconnected? ” That depends, if it is before the fights - no problem we can wait 2 minutes. If it's during the fights or/and while you still have SPs from us we have to take all measures needed to make sure they will not get out of hands. It depends on the case, but if it is mid-fight we will not wait or re-start it. Quote from Q-Arch: “Does t…

  • We will most likely not change much about fairies and res and all the other stuff that's still making a possible difference. It's a thorn in my eye as well while the goal was to make it as equal as possible, trust me! It's the first time we are doing this and hopefully not the last - there are tons of possibilities for the next time: add level restrictions or limit the fairies to the ones you get from the main-quest or doing a level 1 PVP... so many ideas!, but let's see first how it ends up thi…