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    Hey NosPlayers,

    Tomorrow we will have a scheduled maintenance.

    When exactly? Wednesday December 6th 2017 from 09:00h to approximately 11:00h CET. Both the game servers and the website will be unavailable during that time.
    What will be changed? Besides the usual database optimization and server restart:
    - [Bugfix] It wasn’t possible to use wings of return or save return points on some raid maps.
    - [Bugfix] Some players had an issue with the Glacerus raid (they were getting the message: “you can only enter -45 times today”).
    - [Bugfix] The “Hat is not visible” function wasn't working properly when a player was switching the map or after a relog (the hat was visible again).

    Your NosTale-Team

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  • Yaouank -

    Liked Talion’s post in the thread [Crosscommunity] Suggestions changes France, and some news..

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    First of all: This is my personal opinion and not a statement of the Team. I really appreciate your engagement. This is a good step regarding the communication between different communities. In my opinion all of the communities are getting a voice…
  • Yaouank -

    Replied to the thread [Crosscommunity] Suggestions changes France, and some news..

    Hey there. 2016 update. Are you talking about the SP changes ? Well, in fact, good things and bad things happend. Take a look at Dark Gunner SP, it won so much... and most of changes were ok. No major bugs... We also got couple of changes about the…
  • Mynthe -

    Liked Talion’s post in the thread Talion - Guard of the Black Gate.

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    Hello! I am Talion. For 18 years now I am guard of the Black Gate. I was born in Gondor (aka. Germany what a surprise!). In my free time I like to use this new innovation called Computer. It was created by those humans. Anyway, I like it! It got…
  • Talion -

    Replied to the thread [Crosscommunity] Suggestions changes France, and some news..

    Quote from Pinkamena: “Yes,i can give you an example to back up my statement. Long time ago,there was another proposal,a letter to entwell or something,basicaly someone made a thread about a letter to be send to entwell with all of our…
  • Galaco -

    Replied to the thread Changing your forum nickname.

    Is there a nickname change already? Nope Old nickname: Galaco New nickname: ~Galaco~ Thanks in advance!
  • Yaouank -

    Replied to the thread newbie sketches....

    Some nice drawings over there ! Well played Skaghonat, keep working, you are doing cool nostale fanarts ! :)