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    NosTale News wrote:

    #####Looking for a surprise this winter? Then pick up a Snow Delights Random Box for some guaranteed seasonal fun. Until 28th December (11 AM CET), you have the chance to get your winter mittens on the Magic Sleigh or even win the extra cute Super Santa Bushi.#####

    Upon purchase you will receive one of these fantastic items unpacked straight from the Snow Delights Random Box:

    • Magic Sleigh
      • Increases your movement speed by 20.
      • Increases your movement speed by an extra 1 in Act 4.
      • During the Winter Event you can use the Magic Sleigh as the basis for a Magic Sleigh with Red-nosed Reindeer.
    • Super Santa Bushi
      • Increases your light melee attacks by 50%.
      • Increases your fire resistance by 70%.
      • Increases your light resistance by 40%.
      • Increases your water resistance by 70%.
      • Increases your shadow resistance by 40%.
      • Provides a 20% chance of causing Shock on your opponent.
      • Provides a 30% chance to reduce incoming
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    Hey NosPlayers,

    Tomorrow we will have a scheduled maintenance.

    When exactly? Wednesday December 19th 2018, starting at 9:30h CET. Our game servers and websites will be unavailable for at least 8 hours.
    What will be changed? We will perform the following server merges:
    - IT1+IT2+IT3+IT4: Server Flare
    - PL1+PL2+PL3+PL4: Server Feniks

    - [Bugfix] The issue with the Martial Artist quest (it was not possible to get the SP2 quest from Jerico) will be fixed.

    Your NosTale-Team

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    Hey NosPlayers,

    Tomorrow we will have a scheduled maintenance.

    When exactly? Tuesday December 18th 2018, starting at 9:00h CET. Our game servers and websites will be unavailable for at least 6 hours.
    What will be changed?
    - We will perform the first server merge in NosTale ES. ES1, ES2 and ES4 will be merged in one server (Infinity). The other affected servers should follow later this week.
    - [Bugfix] Issues with the winter event quests will be fixed (they were counting as already done, or even if all raids were completed, the rewards were not received).

    Your NosTale-Team

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    NosTale News wrote:

    #####Silent night, holy night… not in NosTale! The wild cats are back once more, trying to take over in our Winter Event. Plus you have a special chance to create a reindeer-drawn sleigh – this sleek conveyance would make even Santa Claus turn green with envy, though at this festive time of year he can’t help but laugh to see you ride it.#####
    Look forward to these highlights between 13th December 2018 and 16th January 2019:

    Magic Sleigh with Red-nosed Reindeer
    The NPC Santa Claus has something very special in store for you. In exchange for a Red-nosed Reindeer Bead (available from quests and the Winter Event raids listed below) and a Magic Sleigh (available on the NosWheel), Santa Claus will create a super-fast Magic Sleigh with Red-nosed Reindeer for you.

    Specialist Partners

    With Maru’s Specialist Partner Card you can transform Tom and Kliff into the Millennial Tiger.

    With the second Specialist Partner

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    NosTale News wrote:

    #####Do you want to go on a sleigh ride through the snow but you’re still waiting it to fall? Then spin the NosWheel and with a bit of luck you can pick up the Magic Sleigh today.#####

    The sleigh is a dream to ride, and allows you to slide through the world of NosTale with a movement speed of 20. In Act 4 you can travel even faster (+1 movement speed)!
    Are you a bit of a speed demon? Then combine your sleigh with a Speed Booster and really crack the whip with an extra 3 points of movement speed.

    Still not fast enough for you? Well, we’ve got a little tip for you. During the Christmas Event, you can transform your Magic Sleigh into an even faster one. But stay safe on the paths – we don’t want your four-legged friend falling under the runners.

    Of course there are tons of other great items to be won!

    Main prizes

    Magic Student Yuna
    Dracula Hat + Dracula Costume (Permanent)
    Zephyr Wings
    Magic Jaguar

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