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Saturday, April 12th 2008, 7:34pm

Secret Lab TS Guide


Originally posted by LoneAngelz
Secret Lab TS Guide

Thanks again for reading my guide, this is the 5th guide from me and it’s the last.
Thanks everybody for the positive comments and I enjoyed my time writing guides for the community.
Lastly, sorry for the delay. I promised this guide 2-3 weeks ago, but only finished today.

Accepting the Mission
As you know, this sub quest is required in order for the main quest to be continued. To accept this mission, first move to Secret Lab 3, Locate the Teleporter at the bottom right hand corner of the map. This teleports you to the middle of the map, where you can talk to the Scroll of Illumination and start the sub quest.

Quest items
You will require some items to finish the quest. Shown here is the item required followed by the monster that drops it.
Unidentified Red Stuff: Ufo Boing, Stingy Boing
Unidentified Blue Stuff: Thin Zombie-Guard, Bulky Zombie-Guard, Agi Ufo Boing, Agi Stingy Boing
Unidentified Green Stuff: Lank Zombie-Guard, Fat Zombie-Guard
Piece of Time-Stone for the Maze: Bulky Zombie-Guard, Fat Zombie-Guard

Quest Walkthrough
First TS:
Locate the TS at lab level 1 by first dowsing for the energy square. (If you have a bugged dowsing arrow, maybe you can ask another person to help you locate the energy square.)

Shaded star: Your position when you first entered the TS.
Square: normal room, run through them. You do not have to enter the room, if you don’t need to
Circle: Destroy the boss monster in the room. The room is then unlocked.
Diamond: survive for a period of time. Enter this room after you passed the 4 circle rooms.
Star: ending point.
After completing, you will receive a [Duke’s Research Material].

Second TS:
Locate the TS at Lab level 2.

Shaded star: Your position when you first entered the TS.
First, you arrive at room [1]. There are 4 keys to choose from. Pick the First key u see.
(That is the key on the most right)
After u picked the key, NOTHING should spawn. If you have nothing else better to do, pick the other keys and you’ll see some monsters spawn.
Follow the room order as seen in the map.
The TS ends at room [6], and you receive a [Duke’s Research Material].

Third TS:
Locate the TS at lab level 2. (I know green stuffs are hard to get. Live with it.)

Move to room [1]. Activate the switch and the timer will start.
Then, quickly follow the room order stated on the map.
In rooms [2, 4, 5, 7]: activate crystal ball
In rooms [3, 6, 8, 9]: defeat mini boss (Time bonus given)
At room 9, defeat the mini boss and the TS will end.
After completing, you will receive a [Duke’s Research Material].

Proceed to the center of lab level 3. It is the place where you first pick up the mission.
Locate the spawn spot and each time, 3 Zombie Guards will spawn.
You are required to kill 10 of these Zombie Guards to complete.
After completing, you will receive a [Instant time space stone].

Fourth TS:
Use the instant time space stone.
It’s a straight road, so there is no need for a map.
In the beginning, there is no time limit, so you can take your time to kill. But once you reached the second last room, the timer will come on.
Quickly pull the leaver and enter the last room.
Once you are in the last room, you are required to defeat the boss in the given time.
Quickly beat the 3 boings for the boss to spawn.
Defeat the boss and exit the TS, You don't need to wait for timer to finish! You will receive [Radal’s Red Ring] and [Radal’s Blue Ring].
Click on the reward and you will obtain a [Research document]

Bring all 3 [Duke’s Research Material] and the [Research document] to Malcolm.
He will then give you a [*Seal]. Currently this seal is useless.
When act5 comes, there should be a raid that can be opend with this seal.


Credits: forum.gamer (nostale section)
(For Maps)
Me then added crap to it...

I Dedicate this guide to Aquamarine: Its sad to see you go... take a break, refresh your mind and come back.

Luxx: 10-01-2010 Updated image adresses because old one got inactive, and some minor changes