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Wednesday, September 15th 2010, 12:18pm

NosVille Guide

Nosville guild

Hi, this guild is all about NosVille.


Mimi Mentor

Mini-land shop




Lvl 25 Formidable enemy

Lvl 31 Gray storm

Lvl 43 Searching for mysterious treasures

Lvl 67 Everybody became strange

Lvl 70 Mysterious ore

Lvl 81 Frozen crown

Calvin Coach

Learning skills

No quests

Titus Trip

Apply for rainbow crystal battle

Individual arena ( 500 gold )

Family arena ( 1000 gold )

Teleport to mt.krem ( 1000 gold )

Decide place of birth

No quests

Teoman Topp

Weapon and armour shop

Production of resistance


Lvl 62 Death of Kenko

Teodor Topp



Lvl 28 Rival competion

Eva Energy

Shop ( snacks etc. )

No quests

Malcolm Mix

Alchemy shop

No quests

Soraya Style

Fashion shop

Princess Sakura quest

No quests


Used for dialogue


Lvl 19 New friend

Guard Jim- Guard Sam- Knight Pinto

Used for dialogue only


Baby dander

Level 1

Attack level +0

Defence level +0

No bad effects

Not catchable


Level 1

Attack level +0

Defence level +0

No bad effects



Level 2

Attack level +0

Defence level +0

No bad effects

Not catchable

Weak seedle

Level 3

Attack level +0

Defence level +0

No bad effects

Not catchable


A timespace is a part of a quest where you have to do certain missions like killing a monster, pulling a level or defending an npc. When you finish a timespace you get a reward.

Timespace 1 walkthrough:

Timer: 5 minutes

Room 1: You don’t have to do anything because you can walk to the next room. There is a baby dander, if you kill it there will come another one and then you are done

Room 2: In this room you have to kill a chicken before the next room opens.

Room 3: Pull a lever and after that kill 2 chickens.

Room 4: Kill a chicken and a baby dander within 2 minutes.

Room 5 : Defend a guard from being attacked by a baby dander and a dander

Room 6: Kill a chicken and a baby dander.


Draw item:

1 Peanut ( 50 HP, 20 MP )

1 Biscuit ( 100 HP, 50 MP )

1 Jerky ( 200 HP, 150 MP )

1 Chocobar ( 100 HP, 300 MP )

1 Fried chicken ( 250 HP, 250 MP )

Special item:

2 Ham & Egg Sandwiches ( 500 HP, 500 MP )

Bonus item:

Training uniform, level 3 costume

Extra stuff:


The PSA ( Private Shop Area ) is a place where you can sell your own stuff and buy stuff from other people. You decide the price .

Blue round square:

In the middle of the town is a little blue square. This is the place where your adventure begin and the place where you birth when you die ( and you don’t use seed of power )

Chicken farm path:

The chicken farm path is the place where you can begin your chicken raid. In a raid you have to do certain stuff like pulling levers and killing monsters with a group between 5 and 15 people. There is a level requirement. Chicken raid is from level 20 to 99. If you are under level 20, you won’t get a box if you defeat the boss, the Chicken King.


The well is only used during quests

High-score board:

In timespaces you can get points. If you have the most points, you will get a record. If you go to the high-score board you can get a quest. The quest shows the number of points you have to get before you get a reward.


In NosTale you got your own house called Mini-land. You can decorate it with stuff from Mimi Mentor Mini-land is also the place where your pets stay when they died. You can also put minigames in your mini-land

Wanted criminal list:

If you talk with the wanted criminal list you can enter a timespace. If you complete this timespace you will get a chicken seal. When you use the chicken seal you will be able to do a chicken raid

That was my guild, I hope you like it


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