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Saturday, October 3rd 2009, 8:30am

IRC Guide - IceChat

IceChat Guide for IRC

A short explanation: IRC is a very important tool the staff and players use to stay in contact with each other. A website java based one is not as good as an IRC program you can download. The reasons being are that if your web browser crashes or you simply press backspace (goes the previous site visited), you will lose your connection to IRC which is very disrupting and annoying for yourself and others. So it is recommended that you download a program based IRC client such as Icechat. It will allow you to customize various settings and, essentially, be protected from web browser and limitation difficulties.

Follow these steps to download and install IceChat:
1) Go to Google and search for Icechat download or go Here .
2) Click on the download button to begin your IceChat download The Button
3) Find and execute the installation for IceChat and choose the location to install to
4) After installed, locate the IceChat icon and open the program.

Setting up IceChat:
1) After you open IceChat, check the left side of the window for Favorite Servers and click on it. (Note: When you are in IceChat, you will be able to shorten/expand the side menus by placing your cursor on the border until a double-arrow appears for you to click and drag a new size. This is important to be able to read all of the options/names in a list.) Example

2) Then click on Add New to set up a new server. Type into the Server Name box as shown and press next… Example

3) Then for the Port Number enter 6667 if it is not already entered for you and hit next. Example

4) The next part is option to automatically join channels when you join the server. You do not have to fill this part in, but if you choose to do so enter: (There will be an advanced way to join all the channels you want in a single command later in the guide.) Example

5) A nickname is required to join a channel. So just enter whatever your character name is in here. If you have additional suffixes to add such as “away” or “afk” separate your nickname and the suffix with a line break “|”. Example

6) The next window is for Auto-Perform. Simply, it will execute commands for you upon joining the server. Leave this blank for now as it will be addressed later in the guide. Example

7) The new screen is just a review of all your entries for the new server. Double-check them and then press next. Example

8 ) Now the Server Editor window pops up, but this will be skipped as it is part of the advanced guide. So just press Save. Example

9) Now, you will notice that the server has appeared in your list of Favorite Servers. All you need to do now is double-click it or select it and press Connect to join the server. Example

10) To authenticate your login and join channels manually by command, you need to use these: "/authserv auth account pass" and "/join" (And do /join for the other channels that are needed to be joined).

Registering an IRC Account
Please use the webbased frontendat

Refer to the IRC Guide for any additional options/help: Irc

Advanced IceChat Setup
1) Now it is time to click on options and access the IceChat Editor from the list. Example

2) The IceChat Editor window pops up now. Click on Aliases and enter the following on a new line for each as shown: “/login /authserv auth account password” and “/nos /join” (For an additional channel, simply enter ONE space after the last letter of the previous channel and enter “#channelname”) Once done, press Save and Exit. Example

3) Now you will want to open your server by right-clicking on it and choosing Edit Server or click it once and choose Edit Server from the buttons below. Example

4) This will take you back to the Basic Server Settings window. Example

5) From here, you will want to verify that the server name (, server port (6667), and your nickname are accurate.

6) The Alt. Nick is used when your Nickname is taken. Enter a similar name.

7) Away Nick is used for when you set your status to Away (by function, not nick).

8 ) Ident Name is just the name that shows when someone checks who you are by host mask. Example

9) Full Name is your full name.

10) Quit Message is for when you choose to quit/exit IceChat via the Exit function or /quit function. It will display to users after you quit.

11) The Startup section is mostly fine the way it is but this is how you would be least annoyed (imo). Example

12) Uncheck and clear everything except for Set Mode +I on Connect.

13) The AutoJoin list should be cleared if you desire to use the “/nos” function created earlier. Simply select the channels and click on Remove from the right and uncheck “Enable AutoJoin List.” Example

14) The AutoPerform list should be enabled via “Enable AutoPerform List” and the previous function created (“/login”) should be entered (others can be entered on a new line for each one). Example

15) Ignore the BNC and Proxy options. The BNC is for receiving offline queries or to keep yourself logged on a channel for an easy reconnect. It is recommended that you only try to obtain a BNC if you truly need one.

16) The Default option just displays previously entered info that you may confirm to be correct. You may also change the reconnection attempts/times below.

17) Press Save at the bottom of the Server Editor window.

18 ) You are now done setting up your IceChat program. From here, just double-click the server or select it and click connect to join the server.

19) From there, it should auto-login for you. Now simply enter the “/nos” function into the Console window’s chat line and you will be joining the channel (and others if added) in no time.

You have completed the setup of IceChat. Welcome to the IRC world through a better point of view.

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