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Tuesday, August 5th 2008, 3:14am

4th SP - Lvl 65 Specialist Card TS Guide


Originally posted by mebuwolf
Combat lv required to obtain SP quest : 65.
Job lv required to equip SP card : 55.

Location of Soul Gem : Fir Woods.

Things to note:

* Prepare 3million in advance. It will be needed to buy a recipe(not optional).
* For TS 2 & 3, sin/jaja sp will be useful.
* Monsters hunting will be mainly in Act 3 maps.
* Tips

Guide for SP quest.

1. Talk to Grey Soul Gem at Fir Woods to obtain 4th SP card quest.
2. Talk to Soty Bystander in Waterwheel House at Fir Woods.
3. Hunt Bulky Zombie-Guard (Lv70 - No Element, Secret Lab 1F/2F) to obtain "Treatise of Whitney*".
4. Hunt Skull Hammerer (Lv74 - No Element, Secret Lab 3F) to obtain "Hair Lace of Natalie".
5. Talk to Soty Bystander with rewards to obtain "Purple fragment of memory".
6. Talk to Grey Soul Gem to obtain "Unlimited Hatred Time-space".
7. Use and complete "1st TS - Unlimited Hatred Time-space".
This TS contain mostly water/light elements monsters, eg Light: Sentinel, Happy Racoon Bird. Water: King-Leeches, Moth. but also a room where you have to fight Brown Lizards which are fire element. Boss is Light element.

1st TS

8. Talk to Grey Soul Gem.
9. Talk to Eri Windspear in Inside of WareHouse at Fir Woods.
10. Hunt 80x Lumber Jack (Lv75 - Light Element, Deep Inside of FirWoods)[recieve Necklace of Piepe for reward].
11. Hunt 70x Tree Zombie (Lv73 - Water Element, Fir Woods)[recieve Wolf Wooden Doll for reward].
12. Talk to Eri Windspear with rewards to obtain "Green fragment of memory*".
13. Talk to Soul Gem to obtain "Wildlifer Time-space".
14. Use and complete "2nd TS - Wildlifer Time-space".
This TS has mostly Time-limit rooms. For mages & swordies, try to stay at a corner and kill monsters when they come really close. NPC in TS has a good amount of hp, use them as tank.

2nd TS

15. Talk to Grey Soul Gem.
16. Talk to Rect Lat at Maple Woods near Hero Mission TS75 (use sin/jaja and talk while invisible).
17. Hunt Wollet (Lv70 - No Element, Maple Woods) to obtain "Ring of Seina".
18. Hunt Grey Lander (Lv79 - Water Element, Outskirts of Maple Woods) to Obtain "Crystal of Demons".
19. Talk to Rect Lat with items to obtain "Red fragment of memory".
20. Talk to Grey Soul Stone to obtain "Black Flame Time-space".
21. Use and complete "3rd Ts - Black Flame Time-space".
Again, this TS has Time-limit rooms.

3rd TS

22. Talk to Rody Windsinger in Woodmans House at Fir Woods.
23. Talk to Soty Bystander and talk again to pay 3 million to obtain Design of Unfinished Spear of Priest reciepe.
24. Hunt King-Leeches (Lv73 - Water Element, Underground Tunnel F3) to obtain "Unknown Ore".
25. Hunt Cricket Mole (Lv74 - Water Element, Inside of Old Woods) to obtain "Leaf of Celli-Lusha". (the portal at top of map first from the right)
26. Hunt 50x Mother Mole (Lv78 - Water Element, Underground Pathway)[recieve Mane of Enkidu for reward].
27. Hunt 50x Rechen (Lv77 - Light Element, Underground Pathway)[recieve Peober's Threadl for reward].
28. Hunt 30x Sentinel (Lv75 - Light Element, Seli-Lusha B2 & B3)[recieve Wing of Angel for reward].
29. Talk to Soty Bystander
30. Produce the item "Unifinished Spear of Priest" using the Design of Unifinished spear of Priest reciepe.
Open inventory and double click on the receipe. Click on the item and should have all the 5 items you recieved shown, then click on Produce to make item.
31. Talk to Eri Windspear with the Unfinished Spear of Priest to obtain "Spear of Priest"
32. Talk to Soty Bystander with Spear of Priest to obtain "White fragment of memory".
33. Talk to Grey Soul Stone to obtain "Echekaluel Time-space".
34. Use and complete "4th TS - Echekaluel Time-space".
This TS has all Light monsters, therefore use light resistance. NPC in TS has a good amount of hp, use them wisely.

Final/4th TS

33. Talk to Soul Gem.
34. Congratulations! You gotten the 4th SP card.

Author: moja
Sources: Jap wiki, Chinese fansite
Original Thread: Guide for 4th SP Quest
Special thanks to Kampek for the stats image of Echekaluel Misticaron and Fyriel for replacing the images